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Lidiar con un montón de llamadas indeseadas puede causar frustración. Si las respondes, podrías escuchar un mensaje grabado de alguien que está tratando de venderte algo. O podría ser una persona de carne y hueso que te llama con la esperanza de asustarte para que pagues una deuda que no debes. Estos tipos de llamadas indeseadas suelen ser estafas. Al seguir los pasos indicados para frenarlas te puedes ahorrar dinero, un estrés innecesario — y tal vez también algo de dinero. 


La FTC ha creado una trilogía de breves videos para ayudarte a que las llamadas indeseadas ni siquiera lleguen a tu teléfono. Con estos videos, aprenderás cuáles son las tecnologías que puedes usar para bloquear estas llamadas y evitar que lleguen a tu teléfono celular y de línea fija. También te enterarás de lo que hay que hacer para dejar de recibir llamadas de números falsos.

Para aprender más sobre cómo frenar las llamadas indeseadas y cómo reportarlas a la FTC, échale un vistazo a

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The Shadow
August 07, 2020
The FTC should do an investigation into phony loan companies and agents that pose for them. There are hundreds of them on the internet taking advantage of people these days who are unable to pay their bills. They ask for personal information and often for advance payment by untraceable gift cards.
August 10, 2020
What I am getting lately are many calls with spoofed numbers at least 3 a day. I block them but doesn’t matter These stoped but have started again
August 07, 2020
How do we stop unwanted, scam texts?
August 07, 2020
This is all old info and not much help. Unless they prosecute these people, they won't stop calling. And there's nothing for landlines.
August 07, 2020
Thats just great you help CELL PHONES ONLY. What about the rest of us who have LAND LINES? You have done NOTHING to protect us from these SPOOFED numbers or their scams. IT gets OLD reporting them, it takes over 30 mins to get thru them all. You COULD make reporting EASIER TOO. How about ADD ANOTHER NUMBER before hanging up and going thru all that over and over again.? You COULD provide that as an option and prob get MORE ppl reporting. I think that is DELIBERATE so you get less reports, you dont have to do anything about it, not that big of problem.....NOT TRUE. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM. You could FINE phone companies for "ALLOWING" the spoofing Ap to go thru. There are ALOT MORE THINGS you COULD do but DONT! Im SO FRUSTRATED. ITs effecting peoples MENTAL HEALTH. ITS creating MORE ANXIETY in our society as a whole. NOBODY answers their phones anymore. WHATS THE POINT of having a phone with you at all times if you cant even answer it? FCC NEEDS TO DO BETTER! THIS HAS GONE ON FAR TOO LONG ALREADY. FCC STOP THESE CALLS. ALSO your capcha SUCKS. 18 clicks to send this? REALLY?
FTC Staff
August 10, 2020

En respuesta a por Pokey

The second video has information about unwanted calls & land lines.

Go to for more help with unwanted calls..

Don't use your…
August 07, 2020
Your suggestions make the nuisance worse. Simplify the process please!
August 07, 2020
Wish I could just keep reading not have to watch 3 videos, interrupt others, interrupt my mystery move, unable to cut and paste.
unwanted text …
August 07, 2020
Can you discover how to block unwanted text messages that come from an unknown email address? I am continually receiving vulgar messages that are linked to a series of phone numbers and since they are from an email, I cannot block them on my android phone. It only allows me to block phone numbers.
August 07, 2020
My latest call was from "Wells Fargo" (Sure it was!) promising me Total Debt Forgiveness if I would just punch no.1 to talk to a customer service agent. I pray no one fell for that!
chip Don't use…
August 10, 2020
How do we stop these unwanted calls? They keep coming sometime four times an hour eating-up my mobile battery life. Chip
Abraham Blesse…
August 08, 2020
Thanks for for very splendid education. Now I have understanding while you put restrictions in place to effectively guide your clients.
August 10, 2020
August 10, 2020
jMar LU
August 10, 2020
GET 3 to 12 calls per day! I am so sick of them. I block numbers but new ones continually keep calling. PLEASE do something!!!!
August 11, 2020
This advice doesn't help at all. Finding a safe app is not easy and can make things worse. A while back, I used an app that was recommended by many tech and media sources. It didn't work and I seemed to get way more calls. News later came out the developers were selling user's information. Now my children are receiving calls about their car warranty and credit cards. They only started receiving them after I set up a Google email account for them. I think the FTC should look into why these companies are selling our information, how much they're making off it and make them give that money back to their users/ consumers.
August 11, 2020
I keep getting voice messages from a computer support co. With number options, 1.get help, 2. Refund money, etc, hurry, we are going out of business, etc . Unable to block, deleted ok but they call again.
Pano kolakivo
August 14, 2020
National disability call me! They asked me for my bank acct info They say if I don't give info they would cancel my social security payments. But I don't have social security payments yet. They keep calling me and calling me..... What can I do???