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Las llamadas indeseadas son molestas. Son como una interrupción constante, y detrás de muchas de estas llamadas están los estafadores. Lamentablemente, con la tecnología actual a los estafadores les es más fácil hacer millones de llamadas por día. Así que esta semana, como parte del Mes de los Estadounidenses de Edad Avanzada, estamos hablando sobre cómo bloquear las llamadas indeseadas — las que recibes tú y las que reciben tus amigos y familiares. Para empezar, chale un vistazo a este video: 

Algunas de las llamadas indeseadas más comunes que observamos actualmente en la FTC son supuestas llamadas de parte de la Administración del Seguro Social, Medicare, y el IRS, falsas llamadas de soporte técnico de computadores de Amazon o Apple y falsas llamadas sobre garantías de carros y tarjetas de crédito. 

Pero sin importar el tipo de llamadas indeseadas que recibas (y todos las estamos recibiendo) tu mejor defensa es una buena ofensiva. A continuación, tres verdades universales a seguir:

  • No confíes en tu identificador de llamadas.
  • Cuélgale el teléfono a las llamadas automáticas pre-grabadas.
  • Usa un servicio de bloqueo de llamadas.

Visita para aprender a bloquear llamadas en tu teléfono celular y en el teléfono de tu casa.

La FTC continúa persiguiendo a las empresas y los estafadores que se encuentran detrás de estas llamadas, así que sigue reportando las llamadas no deseadas en Si perdiste dinero con una llamada fraudulenta, cuéntanoslo en Tus reportes nos ayudan a tomar medidas contra los estafadores y los operadores de llamadas automáticas pre-grabadas ilegales — como lo hicimos en la Operación Dejen de llamar. En este operativo de drásticas medidas, la FTC y sus colegas estatales y federales entablaron 94 acciones contra operadores de llamadas automáticas pre-grabadas ilegales. Pero hay algo más, también tomamos nota de los números de teléfono que reportas y los publicamos todos los días hábiles. Eso ayuda a las compañías telefónicas y a otros participantes del sector que están trabajando en soluciones de bloqueo y etiquetado de llamadas.

Así que comparte estos videos y estas novedades sobre el bloqueo de llamadas con tus amigos y familiares. Al compartir lo que sabes, tú puedes ayudar a protegerse de una estafa a alguno de tus seres queridos y conocidos, ¡y también los ayudarás a que reciban menos llamadas indeseadas!


May 12, 2021
Some landline carriers only allow so many numbers to be blocked. Those limitations are too small for the amount of calls one receives in this day and age.
May 12, 2021
It would be nice to block them if they weren't from a spoofed number. We don't answer any calls from numbers we don't recognize. It's amazing the number of calls we get from people in our area code and exchange that we have no idea who they are and of course they never leave a message.
May 12, 2021
The ability to log one call, and then add others is nice. It makes it a bit less time consuming, but it is still requires time to have to collect the information, log in and fill out the form. I used to diligently report all the calls I received, but after a while it simply became impossible to keep up with all the calls, track the numbers, the time, the call details, etc. and then log them. I receive 2 - 3 true spam calls 2 - 3 days a week.
July 13, 2021

En respuesta a por Dorothy

Agree, they need to make reporting easier. Like a built in app. Sure they'll be some fake or wrong numbers reported as spam, but they could just set a limit of a few thousand. If that many report the number as spam or a scam, block it. And the app should block any and all numbers blocked by the service.
RMilesDon't us…
May 12, 2021
I wish they could find a way to prevent Robo callers from hijacking other people's phone numbers and use them to make their calls!
May 15, 2021

En respuesta a por RMilesDon't us…

Yep it was hilarious that since 2019 I have received a dozen or more spam calls from my very own number, leaving voice mails selling "Medicare-authorized cancer screening" or informing me that my Apple computer (which I do not have) has an out of date warranty, or that the IRS is coming to arrest me (what, for the tiny tax refunds I get? DO TELL.).
May 12, 2021
Call Blocking is fine until you reach the limit that your provider has on Call Blocking. In other words, Call Block is not unlimited, When you reach the limit, the calls keep coming. We need unlimited call block to make the difference.
May 12, 2021
I no longer answer unknown calls. I let them go to voicemail. If they don't leave a message I block the number.
May 12, 2021
There is a specific caller that's impossible to report because the phone number is different each time, no company name is left, and the recording only prompts to select 5, more information, or select 9 to stop the calls.
May 12, 2021
I get an average of one call every day from the same prefix as my phone number. I don't know anybody that has that prefix. When I 1st started receiving them, I called the numbers back and found that they appeared to be just normal people. I read sometime back that it was a trick. If you see a number with the same prefix as yours, you are more liable to answer the phone. I have answered the phone to these people numerous times and called these people every name in the book. Really upset a few. If I don't answer and call back, I never get them. Don't see how it would do any good to report these numbers, but I am more than willing if it will do any good. Thank you for your efforts.
May 12, 2021
So in the past 6 months, I have gotten an email 3x that were from my "boss". Long story short, it said to text her, she was in a closed door meeting, so I did that. Next thing I know, my so called boss is asking me to buy gift cards. I know its a scam then, but they disconnect their number. Any advice on how to report their email? Ty!!
May 12, 2021
In the past two weeks I have received legitimate calls from local residents who have received spam calls using my correct land line and also cell phone. If someone turns in my number am I going to get blocked also on my land line and cell?
May 12, 2021
Although it might take a little time to adjust, an answering machine works fine for me. Phone rings, machine answers, I listen, hear nothing and caller hangs up. The pretense here is if they don't want to I.D. themselves, I'm not talking. Plus, it's cheaper than call blocking.
May 12, 2021
I cannot seem to block robo calls because the respective callers do not reveal their true telephone number as illustrated by calls identified as my own telephone number.
May 13, 2021
I still get calls from numbers I have blocked. I get spam and threatening texts and emails
FTC should do …
May 17, 2021
the scammers 'spoof' a fake number that suggests it's geographically close to the target, plus it's usually a disconnected number, blocking does absolutely no good, if it's not a real number, and they just spoof with a new number the next time. quit trying to put the responsibility on the people and YOU do something. Detect mass outgoing calls and delete / block the source. don't put it on the people, pretend you're competent and do something worthwhile for a change ! biden will give you billions in his new socialist empire ! he is killing our country :(
June 25, 2021
I have had 5 amazon scamers calls today on my landline phone. I would love to know how to stop them. I really want to report the numbers. 317 863 1282- 207 2951271- 317863 4589-317 863 1493- Molly??? 606 418 2554 & 317 863 3512 I am sure this is not the end of them. Plus many more bogus calls.
Amy E
July 15, 2021
It is impossible to totally block these callers when they change the last 4 digits of their number for each call. For example, I had calls from TX area code 726, same prefix but the last 4 digits changed EVERY time. The calls came 3, 4 times a day for about three months. I never answer so they finally gave up. But now, it's just more spammers doing the exact same thing. I can "block #" but that doesn't do anything at all.
August 09, 2021
The problem is the scammers are Spoofing local verizon cell numbers so your caller ID appears to be legit. Until the Spoofing capability is outlawed, I dont see a way for this to get resolved.
Please do something!
August 11, 2021
855-648-9426~Caller CHOSE not to leave info with the directions on voice mail. Report & block.
Please do something!
August 12, 2021
336-775-5294-CHOSE not to leave info or identify themselves as requested on voicemail
September 03, 2021
15-20 calls a day are annoying and time consuming. When some have the audacity to use foul language when they are found out. What a disgrace that anyone should have to tolerate such hateful ness.