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Quizás alguien te dijo que te ganaste la lotería, un premio o un sorteo. O alguien que dice que trabaja para el gobierno te informa que hay un problema con tu número de Seguro Social. Y que para cobrar tu premio o resolver tu problema, tienes que pagar con tarjetas de regalo. Pero la verdad es que todo aquel insista en que pagues con tarjetas de regalo siempre es un estafador.

Aprende más mirando este video sobre cómo evitar las estafas con tarjetas de regalo y cómo reportarlas.

Además, para estar seguro de saber cómo evitar las trampas, lee acerca de los pagos a estafadores con tarjetas de regalo.

Si le pagaste a un estafador con una tarjeta de regalo, infórmaselo de inmediato a la compañía que expidió la tarjeta. Cuando te comuniques con la compañía, diles que la tarjeta de regalo se usó en una estafa. Y luego reporta el incidente ante la FTC. Recuerda que tienes que guardar la tarjeta de regalo y el recibo de compra y tenerlos a mano cuando te comuniques con la compañía y con la FTC.

Para mantenerte actualizado acerca de las estafas que podrían afectar a tu comunidad, suscríbete para recibir las alertas para consumidores de parte de la FTC.


September 11, 2020
One step worse! I received an email from my aunt (using her legitimate email address) saying she was out of town and forgot it was her nephew's birthday. She asked me to buy a $300.00 gift card for him. I, of course, said "Sure". But, when I asked her where to send it she told me not to. She told me to scratch off the code # at the back of the card and email it to her. It was then that I caught on that this was NOT my aunt. The emailed instructions were not signed in the way she usually signs her emails to me. So, I played along. Pretended I purchased the gift card and then they gave me a different email address to send the "code" to. I turned them in to the authorities. I also notified my aunt that an ID thief had hijacked her email address and to contact her ISP!
September 13, 2020
Initial contact was simply a comment to an Insta post. A well-known sportsperson's Telegram contact details - available in more than one place - appear to have been stolen and used. After 3 days of occasional messaging using the above, the tone suddenly changed and I was asked to go out and get an iTunes or Steam card for [this person's] daughter's phone game upgrade. I did some research on Google and discovered previous reports about such scams. I responded accordingly and have (thankfully) heard nothing since.
September 13, 2020
How does somebody get your gift card off of your phone
scam patrol
September 21, 2020

En respuesta a por Wawest

When a person scratches off the back of the gift card, usually reads back the numbers or takes a picture of it to send to the scammer. At that point the money is usually gone from the card.
September 22, 2020
A friend of a family member, said got a Grant 24 hrs after you pay for processing. Supposed to be a Fed Grant. I was to get gift cards and he would come back and tell me didn't have any money on it. So I was to get another card. They have gotten into my phone and taken over personal chats and deleted things. I went to pay on PayPal and they got my Debit card. They have my SSI# I called and had a freeze put on that @ Credit Check Company. They was filing out Credit Card Apps; I would get the letters and call them know it wasn't me.. I have every Card every receipt, every phone #.. I have it all still on my Phone. I can still have one lady come up. Cause she was trying to pull PCH SweepStake winner thing Grace is her name, working with someone new.. God Bless someone needs to catch them. Kroger has a lot, the lady said. Sad it can be like Gambling... .
I m heartbroken
September 17, 2021
Yes and ive got almost every gift cards I have sent and the recepts for them I want to let Brantley k. Gilbert kno about all this too I have lost everything I owned for this now