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En septiembre, los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC, por sus siglas en inglés) emitió una orden temporaria para suspender los desalojos debido a la pandemia de COVID-19. Esa orden ha sido extendido y expira el 3 de octubre de 2021. Además, algunos estados han extendido las fechas de moratoria de desalojo.

Si bien la orden de los CDC le ofrece alivio a un gran grupo de estadounidenses, hay que tener presente algunas cosas importantes.

Primero, la orden protege únicamente a los inquilinos que cumplen ciertos requisitos y que firmen un formulario y se lo entreguen al propietario de su vivienda. Segundo, los propietarios de las viviendas pueden cobrar cargos por atraso de pago durante el período de alivio temporario. Tercero, si tú incumples los términos de tu contrato, te podrían desalojar de todas maneras. Cuarto, la orden de los CDC no se aplica a los propietarios de viviendas que están enfrentando una ejecución hipotecaria, así que comunícate con tu prestador o con el administrador de tu préstamo para analizar tus opciones. Y por último, las protecciones de los CDC no se aplican si vives en un área que ya tiene protecciones iguales o mejores para el desalojo, de modo que deberías revisar las políticas locales de vivienda.

Recuerda que el alivio es temporario. En estos momentos,bajo la moratoria de los CDC, los desalojos han quedado suspendidos, pero sólo hasta el 31 de marzo. Sí tú te encuentras entre los millones de estadounidenses que tal vez no estén en condiciones de pagar su renta en abril, te listamos algunas cosas que deberías saber sobre el proceso de desalojo:

  • El propietario de tu vivienda puede llevarte ante la corte si no pagas. Aunque no tengas el dinero para pagar la renta atrasada, el propietario de tu vivienda puede pedirle a un juez que te obligue a pagar o tener el derecho de desalojarte.
  • Si estás enfrentando un desalojo, igual tienes derechos. En primer lugar, el propietario tiene que entregarte un aviso de desalojo por escrito. Para más detalles sobre el proceso de desalojo, averigua en el sistema judicial local. También podrías reunir los requisitos para acceder a servicios legales gratuitos y hablar con un abogado para enterarte de cuáles son tus derechos.

Te damos algunas recomendaciones sobre lo que puedes hacer a continuación si incumpliste los pagos de tu renta debido a la pandemia:

  • Busca información más detallada sobre los programas de asistencia para alquiler. Quizá haya programas locales que ofrecen asistencia y otro tipo de ayuda para inquilinos.
  • Ten cuidado con la gente que te diga que te puede ayudar a pagar tu renta. Si detectas una estafa, por favor cuéntaselo a la FTC en

Nota: Este blog se actualizó el 5 de octubre de 2021 con la fecha de moratoria extendida.

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October 27, 2020
Thank you all very much for all the info i get, stay safe and stay healthy!!
November 07, 2020
Evictions are still happening in large numbers in Colorado. Attorneys have found loopholes in both the cdc order and Governor Polis order. Me and my family qualify for both orders. And we’re taken to court on a veracity hearing. We submitted evidence showing we paid rent way past first shut down. But we’re unable too Continue Making regular payments after we came down with covid and lost jobs. We are under the care of Dr’s for pulmonary and cardiac issues do to the virus. Magistrate refused to look at evidence showing we paid rent well past the shut down and only stopped after job loss and we were sick. We qualified for both orders on every count. Ordered eviction to proceed. There are over 200 evictions scheduled in my county alone. Many landlords are being advised by magistrates to file squatters violations against tenants . Even though there is a lease . And they are then granted a writ to evict. It is criminal and judicial corruption that is happening. In direct violation of the cdc order and the governors order. Many will die if the Governor doesn’t do an emergency order to stop all evictions with exception for criminal activity. Families who are already sick are being put in life threatening homeless situations . And there civil and constitutional rights are being trampled upon. I pray this reaches eyes and ears that will cry out to our Governor to save these families. About to be homeless in Colorado
May 05, 2021

En respuesta a por constitutional…

I applied for, qualified, and my landlord received financial assistance from a local government program here in Houston. My landlord received a large payment on January 15, 2021. My landlord had conditions in which he had to agree with, and signed a contract specifying that he would comply with those Conditions in order to receive the rental payment funds on my behalf. The one main condition was that he had to agree NOT to file eviction paperwork with the court for a minimum of 60 days after receiving the funds. 10 days after he received the funds, I received certified documents in the mail that contained an eviction filing! I appeared on my court date and the judge ruled in my favor because I had served my landlord and eviction moratorium document protecting me from eviction, until June 30th, 2021 when the moratorium is due to expire. This sense of relief was short-lived however, when just 1 week later I received yet another Document via certified mail that included an APPEAL by my landlord who happened to have found a LOOPHOLE in the eviction moratorium ruling, whereas he discovered that the eviction moratorium ruling DOES NOT PROTECT tenants who are considered renting on a month to month basis. In my case, my original lease expired a few months ago, therefore automatically transitioning my lease to a month to month tenancy. So now, on May 18th, I have to appear once more for the appeal hearing, whereas I'm 99.99% sure that I will be ruled against, and will have just 5 days to move with my 4 children, most likely to a shelter. Mind you, at the original eviction hearing, I brought up the fact that my landlord agreed to and signed a contract stating that he would not file eviction paperwork for at least 60 days after receiving funds from the government program, and the judge told me that he could not enforce that contract because it wasn't a "law" that my landlord broke, and that he could only enforce laws. What possible recourse could I have at this point not to end up in a homeless shelter with my 4 children in less than 2 weeks??? I promise, I HAVE NO CLUE!!
Virginia use y…
November 09, 2020
I am 66 years old, i can't work because of health problems, my husband cnt work because of multiple health problems he has had for over 30years, he has applied for social security disability, that he very much deserves, he had to stop working a few months ago, we are very behind on our rent, i applied at a local rental assistance office, we submitted our documents that were needed, we qualified on every level, we were told that we would hear something, from them in about 10 business days, its been over a month now, i have e-mailed and called several times, and always had to leave a message, no one has got back to me at all, to let me know anything, my landlady is losing patience with us, we will be homeless, there is no one to help us.. Im scared to death that the same thing thats happening to other people, will happen to us as well, and we will be evicted anyway, i will be on the street with a very sick husband
FTC Staff
November 13, 2020

En respuesta a por Virginia use y…

You may qualify for free legal services and be able to speak to a lawyer to learn about your rights.

You can also call the US Administration on Aging hotline that helps older adults find services. Call  1-800-677-1116, or go to 

December 11, 2020
What if you pay rent current and they do a 15 day eviction due to a month to month lease? My rent is on time. I pay month to month and I put a new floor in this house. Today I got an 15 day eviction that someone was going to buy the house. I have kids and just recently became unemployed. My son has autism.
Don’t use you…
December 27, 2020
How can landlords help or get direct rent from gov. Programs to help tenants
December 31, 2020
What about if you live in a motel due to losing housing from COVID-19?
To old to star…
February 26, 2021

En respuesta a por ExSuperVillan1…

I would love to meet someone with any answers. We all fall on hard times. I was told the good lord won't put more on you than you can handle. And my mother told me one time when I was down on luck and in a bad place in my life that it could be worse son your kids could be sick. And now I really try to count my blessings. But now its my kids that are tired of taking care of me where did the lessons go that me and my wife taught the kids . I have only the good lord to look to again.
March 30, 2021
I just evicted I don't know where to turn. I have a 12 yr old I'm on disability and not much family and few that care PERIOD. I don't understand understand why do I just have to take this?
April 06, 2021
I was evicted in February. It felt like I had no rights at all. No help. No money. No job. Now no home. Greed is what it all comes down to.
Don't use your…
August 23, 2021
We are being evicted for no reason. We have live in our apartment since 2014 and never missed a rent payment. June we got a new management company. I am 64yrs and my husband is 81yrs old. We got a letter informing us on July 30th that they would not renew our lease and stated we need to be gone by Aug 30th. Now we are scared because my husband fell & broke his hip on July 10th 2021. I don't know what to do. All our friends & family live here. Please help us.
September 21, 2021
Can a shelter evict you out if you have covid 19? after all people have been exposed. Can I get my hotel expense reimbursed by the shelter, I'm out $1000