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Las estafas de impostores suelen comenzar con una llamada, mensaje de texto o email. Las estafas pueden variar, pero todas funcionan de la misma manera: un estafador se hace pasar por alguien en quien confías para convencerte de que le envíes dinero o compartas información personal.

Los estafadores pueden pedirte que les transfieras dinero desde tu cuenta bancaria, que le hagas una transferencia o giro de dinero usando una compañía como Western Union o MoneyGram, que coloques dinero en una tarjeta de regalo o que les envíes una criptomoneda porque saben que puede ser difícil revertir estos tipos de pago. Los estafadores llaman, envían un email o mensaje de texto y dicen ser:

  • Un familiar (o alguien que actúa en su nombre) que dice que tu familiar está enfermo, lo han arrestado o está en graves problemas y que necesita dinero de inmediato.
  • Un empleado del Seguro Social que dice que te han suspendido tus beneficios debido al cierre de las oficinas causado por el COVID-19.
  • Un representante de tu banco que dice que necesita verificar tu información personal antes de poder enviarte una tarjeta de crédito o débito nueva.

Para proteger tu dinero y tu información personal sigue estas recomendaciones:

  • Sospecha de todas las llamadas de una agencia del gobierno para pedirte dinero o información. Las agencias del gobierno no amenazan a la gente ni tampoco llaman para prometer – o exigir – dinero.
  • No confíes en tu identificador de llamadas – lo pueden falsear.
  • No le pagues nunca con una tarjeta de regalo, transferencia de dinero o criptomoneda a nadie que te pida uno de estos métodos de pago.
  • Verifícalo directamente con la verdadera agencia, persona o compañía. No uses el número de teléfono que te dieron. Búscalo por tu cuenta.

Por favor, comparte esta información y la nueva infografía de la FTC desarrollada con la American Bankers Association Foundation.

Si detectas una estafa de impostores, repórtala a la FTC en Tu reporte puede ayudar a que los investigadores de la FTC puedan identificar y frenar a los impostores. Para recibir notificaciones sobre nuevas estafas y las recomendaciones para evitarlas, suscríbete a nuestras alertas para consumidores.



October 21, 2020
This happened to my 91 year old mother. Keep telling your loved ones who are older to hang up! Let them know these scammers will do ANYTHING to get their money!
October 22, 2020
This happened to me Yesterday Oct. 21, 2020. They Used an e-mail claiming I owed for 3 years on a Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection. Phone number given 888-407-1233 . They enticed me ot send 3 - $500.00 Gift card from Best Buy Only. They took control of my computer even showed where they had deposited over the amount of the bill in my account. Later when I checked the bank no such transaction occurred. I am now out $1500.00 and no way to contact Microsoft to report this scam that is done in their name. I am fighting this. Stay away from a new banking app Zelle they used this to further take money out of my account I have not signed up with Zelle with my bank but they were alloed to take money anyway.
FTC Staff
October 28, 2020

En respuesta a por Greyeagle1

The scammers might have installed apps on your computer. They might have added other viruses to your computer. To be safe, stop banking, shopping or typing personal information on your computer until you have it checked for viruses. 

Update the security software on your computer. Then, do a scan on your computer to check for viruses and spyware. Delete anything the scan identifies as a problem. You might have to restart your computer for the changes to take effect. If you need help, you can check at a store, or look at the package for the software you bought for the computer. The software company might have contact information.

Read more about malware, viruses and spyware.

February 03, 2021

En respuesta a por FTC Staff

It happened to my 90 years old husband, by the money was robbed directly from Chase bank, saving account, send it on wire transfer to China. the bank doesn't want to accept any responsibility. What can we do? We live in our social security pensions, this is so harmful.
mike h
October 22, 2020
I receive 'scams' pretending to be Wells Fargo - I've never had an account with them. Today and for couple weeks receiving notices that Norton anti virus and McAfee subscriptions have expired - never had either and have a Mac rather than Windows ! This goes on and on .... Why isn't Norton and Wells Fargo etc doing something about this ?
October 22, 2020
I may have posted this comment already, but now that the subject is up, I am going to post it again! I received an "urgent" email from my aunt. The email came from her legitimate email address. The scammer said she needed my help, that it was her nephew's birthday and she was out of town. The scammer asked me to go to Walmart and purchase a $300.00 gift card. Of course, at first, I did think it was my aunt as the email address was hers. I emailed back and said "sure, where do I mail it to you or him?" The scammer replied, "don't mail it, scratch off the back of the card and send me the code". That's when I got suspicious. I took another look at the original email from my aunt and noticed that the manner of speech was not hers and she didn't sign the email "Aunt _______". Her first name was used. I played along with many email questions as if I was confused. Then I told them I had the gift card and the code. They revealed a DIFFERENT email address to send the code to. I called my aunt and told her what was happening and she immediately contacted her ISP provider regarding the theft of her email address. I then turned the emails over to ID
October 22, 2020
I have tried to be scammed by someone stating they are Russell Crowe and now Kevin Costner. I wonder who is next? Gosh its ashame because I really love these guys!
Ben Nahabedian
October 22, 2020
Today I got a call from a local number 954-682-5725. The caller said he was calling me from the Fort Lauderdale office,saying my number was involved in some illegal activities,that I must press #one to speak to the legal department, but I didn't & hung up,would you want me to save it & come to your office & play it for your inspector??
October 28, 2020
I was contacted on instagram. He was from "Lucky day". Said I had won 1.5 million dollars. I had to send him $700 and he would help me out with the last $300. I jumped on it. I got the cards he asked for. After I sent him what he needed, I realized that it was a scammer. Now I have reported it to the fraud department and I am not holding my breath on getting my money back. I feel so dumb.