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Si eres un lector habitual de este blog — o de las noticias, ya sabes que los estafadores están circulando en masa para sacar ventaja de todos los aspectos de la pandemia de coronavirus. Hemos detectado gran cantidad de curas y tratamientos falsos, pero muchos de ustedes nos reportaron estafas indudables, como los mensajes de texto/emails/ llamadas de parte de una “agencia del gobierno” prometiendo conseguir ayuda de dinero. Otros nos han contado cosas que podrían ser estafas (o que podrían ser negocios que se están poniendo al día con la nueva realidad) — como sitios web que prometen productos de limpieza o máscaras que escasean (que nunca llegan) o problemas relacionados con la devolución de dinero por planes de viaje cancelados.

Todos los días hábiles, los analistas de datos del Buró de Protección del Consumidor compilan todos esos reportes para darte un pantallazo de lo que están indicando esos datos. Y, todos los días hábiles, puedes encontrar ese informe en Pero permíteme que detalle algunos de los puntos salientes.

  • Desde el 1 de enero hasta hoy, la FTC ha recibido 18,235 reportes relacionados con el COVID-19, y la gente reportó pérdidas por $13.44 millones de dólares con diversos fraudes relacionados con el tema.
  • Las principales categorías de quejas se relacionan con viajes y vacaciones, compras en internet, mensajes de texto falsos y toda clase de impostores.
  • Aunque la cantidad de reportes por llamadas automáticas pre-grabadas ha bajado mucho, ahora nos estamos enterando de que hay personas que llaman invocando la pandemia de COVID-19 para hacerse pasar por representantes del gobierno o que pregonan argumentos ilegales sobre temas médicos o de atención de la salud, entre otras cuestiones.
  • Como era esperable, los estados más grandes tienen las más altas cifras de reportes. Puedes consultar cuántas personas están presentando reportes y qué es lo que están reportando.

Si estás recibiendo llamadas telefónicas, emails o mensajes de texto, o estás viendo anuncios u ofrecimientos en internet, ten en consideración algunas cosas: Primero, nunca recibirás una llamada telefónica inesperada de parte del gobierno para pedirte dinero o tu información personal (como tu número de Seguro Social, cuenta bancaria o tarjeta de crédito). Y segundo, toda aquella persona que te diga que pagues a través de Western Union o Money Gram, o colocando dinero en una tarjeta de regalo, es un estafador. El gobierno y los negocios legítimos nunca te pedirán que pagues de esas maneras.

Puedes echarle un vistazo a para saber qué es lo que están viendo otras personas en el mundo. Para mantenerte informado acerca de las estafas más recientes, y sobre lo que está haciendo la FTC, suscríbete para recibir alertas para consumidores. Y por favor, sigue reportando lo que estás viendo en

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April 15, 2020
I have had an email pretending to be from sky telling me I am behind with my payments and they are from a collection agency asking for money but I know I am up to date I replied I would contact sky
April 15, 2020
Of all things I received an email stating they, Mr Ebenezer, Transfer Dept, Zenith Bank Plc, couldn't complete a transfer of $5,000,000.00. They called it five hundred thousand dollars. Hahahaha obvious scam. I sent it to spam file. I tried to check the email address to determine place of origin but wasn't able to. Thank you for you continuous efforts!
Patricia Barnes
April 15, 2020
Yes, robo calls and scam calls are almost gone. I keep getting one for car warrantees, but the email spams have increased tremendously. We just can't catch a break. If it isn't one thing, it is another. It seems like it will never end.
David B Stellfox
April 15, 2020
Awesome job, guys! Keep up the good work!
April 15, 2020
Are the travel and vacation reports stemming from consumers who believe they should have been reimbursed for prior travel arrangements they had to cancel due to the pandemic; or are these new scams happening in response to the virus pandemic?
April 15, 2020
Thank you for keeping us informed. I'm posting your links on my FaceBook page, trying to get people to sign up for alerts and to check the alerts you've been sending me. Bless you all. Keep up the great job you are doing.
April 15, 2020
I keep getting email from FTC saying robocalls are down. WHERE? I just get sick of reporting them. IT takes about 4 mins PER CALL. So I sit at the end of the day and have to spend 30-40 mins calling them all in. I get sick of doing that, and really DONT HAVE THE TIME. So I dont report them all, in fact I report very few. That doesnt mean they have decreased, they have NOT DECREASED WHAT SO EVER thank you very much. I WISH they would decrease.
Concerned citizen
April 18, 2020
Scam alert from #19513165635 got a text Care about your family? Purchase your own Corona test kit HERE! The demand is extremely high, so hurry up!
April 18, 2020
I received a text message from 279-201-9990. This is what the text message says: The State of California and the U.S. Civilian Corp (501c3 nonprofit) have identified you as a medical professional who could make a difference in addressing the Covid-19 health crisis. Volunteer and paid positions are available (including out-of-state and expired licenses). Can you help? -If you are able to help in person in CA, reply with 1. -If you are not in CA but able to help in your community, reply with 2. -If willing to help but only able to serve remotely (telemedicine), reply with 3. -If you are already involved or not able to participate at this time, reply with 9. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I didn't reply to the text. I also could not find any information online about phone # 279-201-9990 except that over 95 people have searched this # in the last 2 weeks on FYI, I have an Illinois cellphone number, I lived in Illinois my entire life before retiring and moving to a nearby state; I have always worked in an office; and I have never worked for or been a medical professional in any way shape or form.
April 20, 2020
Hacker somehow got into our email from the website and sent emails to our clients to change payments to ACH transfers. Luckily one of our clients called me the very next day to let us know.They were emailing us but the hacker was confiscating the emails. We had to change the email password 5 times. Site is not secure. Internet provider was notified 3 times.
April 21, 2020
I have received a possible scam from Instagram Financial Domestic Assistance. That says I have 70,000 dollars waiting to be sent to my doorstep via FedEx, as long as I send $300 via Cashapp to pay for shipping.
May 07, 2020
I received a call from someone who was said to be from DirecTV Customer Loyalty Dept. stating that my monthly bill was going to be reduced because of COVID-19. I was told that by bill would be reduced from $106 per month to $49.99 per month for 24 months and I would receive free HBO, Cinemax, Stars etc free also. To qualify, I was to purchase an eBay gift card loaded with $250. I was then instructed to call 855-472-9007 ext 1 and give them a promo code which was given to me at the time I was called and pay the $250 (which would be applied to my first 5 mths bill). I called DirecTV and they told me there was no such discounts being offered. It sounded completely legit until they told me to load $250 on an eBay gift card and submit to them.
June 29, 2020
I have an email that asked for my banking info, routing number and EIN #. The email asked for $550. A person I know referred me. The email covidhelpnyc@
August 17, 2020
Caller from 862-271-8406 claims to be providing funding for businesses affected by COVID. This is a scam. The number is registered to a car wash place.