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La mayoría de la gente ya recibió sus pagos de estímulo económico. Pero si tú no lo recibiste, el Servicio de Impuestos Internos (IRS) ha anunciado un número de teléfono al que se puede llamar para obtener respuestas a las preguntas más comunes. Pero el IRS no te llamará por teléfono.

Los estafadores que se hacen pasar por representantes de agencias del gobierno pueden manipular el identificador de llamadas para que parezca que la llamada proviene de un número del gobierno. Pero la verdad es que, habitualmente, las agencias del gobierno no te llamarán ni te enviarán un email — especialmente si se trata de algo relacionado con dinero. Casi siempre se comunicarán contigo a través del correo postal de EE. UU.

Si tienes preguntas sobre los pagos de impacto económico, el IRS insta a la gente a visitar su sitio web,, donde se pueden encontrar las respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes. Pero también puedes llamar al IRS al 800-919-9835.

Mira, a los estafadores les gusta hacerse pasar por el gobierno para obtener tu dinero o información. Te dirán que se comunican de parte de Medicaid o Medicare y te ofrecerán ayuda para conseguir medicamentos o equipos de uso médico, o te pedirán que “verifiques” tu información. Fingen ser representantes de la Administración del Seguro Social y te dirán que se produjo un fraude o que hay algún otro problema con tu número de Seguro Social y — otra vez — que necesitan “verificar” tu número. Y a los estafadores les encanta decir que son del IRS, que te están exigiendo un pago (o que te arrestarán).

Pero recuerda que, si recibes una llamada o email de parte del IRS o de cualquier otra agencia del gobierno para pedirte información personal o dinero, es una estafa. Cuelga el teléfono o elimina el email.

Aprender más sobre estos tipos de estafas de impostores en Entérate de las estafas relacionadas con el COVID-19 en Y si alguien trata de engañarte para que le des tu información o si ya sufriste una estafa repórtalo a la FTC.


June 24, 2020
It’s impossible to reach anyone at the numbers given. I’ve stayed on the line for hours and then I’m cut off. I got a letter saying that my check would follow. That was May 15th. But no check.
Madeline Medina
June 25, 2020
Gracias por la información,y así poder hacer saber a los demás,pues es realidad esos estafadores no tienen escrúpulos, especial con la gente de avanzada edad.
Me too, May 15…
June 24, 2020

En respuesta a por Barbara

I received notice on May 15 on stimulus would be coming and it has not. I had been calling with same outcome wait and then disconnected after listening for some time each time and disconnected. Yesterday , I again went on line but this time the notice said for faster receipt of money to leave info for direct deposit but I could have gone other route but choose not to. I merely want to put on checking on line this time the note of it having gone out had changed so I went about changing and following their new directions. Try again on line to see if that has occurred in your case.
No use su dire…
August 24, 2020
No me a llagado $1,200.00
July 01, 2020
This information is much needed with today’s identity theft fraud rings . They’re more suffocated using radio networks signals radio frequency sensors and radio waves as listening devices. To access your personal information. It’s a coast 2 coast identity theft fraud ring run by a network of thieves. Thank you , I get calls often claiming to be IRS, FBI and other government agencies.
June 24, 2020
I called again yesterday. After being on hold for 30 minutes I was told certain people had a hold put on there's and we will get it late summer. NO EXPLANATION as to why that is though. RIDICULOUS!
June 24, 2020
if you have tried calling the irs it's very hard to get through because there is no one there to take the phone calls because you want to ask them questions about your economic stimulus payments and id you try calling the social security admin they say please don't call us about your economics stimulus payments.the IRS needs to update their computer system and quit sending dead people the stimulus payments
June 25, 2020
I think the checks are going according to the lowest income people first and higher incomes will receive their checks through July.
June 26, 2020
I'm low income; on SSDI. I've called an gotten an actual live person at the IRS and all she could tell me is that my info is in the system so I will be getting a check. Didn't say when or how I would receive the funds. The people answering the phones for the new "stimulus payment hotline" can only answer general questions but will put you through to a live person. Be advised you will be on hold for a long time!! From what I have seen in print and heard on the news they are running way behind what their original schedule for payments suggested. What amazes me is that all these dead people have gotten a check but a lot of hardworking and retired people haven't. Just plain crazy. Smh!!
December 14, 2020
Well here it is December and still no stimulus check or explanation of why not, I've gone to the Get my Payment site so many times I've lost count. And I've put my address in every way it can be put in, getting the same result every time(Our information doesn't match your information). Then I get a notice from the IRS letting me know they received my return and that the $400 I owed was due by such and such date, so then I go back to the Get my payment site and put in the exact information they sent me and still got the same message Our information doesn't match your information. I don't know what else to do.
January 30, 2021
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September 06, 2021
I was told that if we gotten check for 1,200, 600,&1,400 there is not a fourth check for 2,000 was coming because I gotten my three