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¿Estás buscando comenzar una nueva relación? Para algunas personas, eso puede significar el propósito de conocer un nuevo enamorado en internet. A buen entendedor, pocas palabras: es mejor dejarse llevar por la cabeza que por el corazón.

Millones de estadounidenses usan sitios web de citas, sitios de redes sociales y salas de chateo para conocer gente. Y muchos llegan a forjar relaciones exitosas. Pero los estafadores también usan estos sitios para conocer a sus posibles víctimas. Crean perfiles falsos para establecer relaciones en internet, y con el tiempo, convencen a la gente para que les envíen dinero en nombre del amor.

La Comisión Federal de Comercio (FTC, por su sigla en inglés) recibe miles de reportes por año sobre estafadores "románticos" que crean relaciones falsas en línea con el único propósito de robarles dinero a sus víctimas.

Lamentablemente, es casi seguro que un enamorado virtual que pide dinero sea un estafador oportunista.

En la nueva infografía de la FTC, desarrollada junto con la American Bankers Association Foundation, se listan los signos más comunes de las estafas de citas en internet y qué es lo que tienes que hacer si alguien que conoces en internet te pide dinero.

A continuación, te ofrecemos algunas recomendaciones para que identifiques las diferencias entre un romance verdadero y un estafador que anda a la pesca de una víctima.

Por favor, comparte esta información con otras personas. Es posible que a las víctimas les dé vergüenza hablar sobre sus experiencias, pero tú puedes ayudar. Una simple llamada, email o mensaje de texto para decir “Mira lo que acabo de encontrar” y compartir esta información puede marcar una diferencia en la vida de otra persona.

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September 23, 2021
sounds like my situation, I met a guy at an online dating site, widowed, had his own business , graduate degree from Austrailia, attended the University of Manchester in England. He talked and texted my almost every day, he had said his apple computer logic board was damaged and asked me for money to purchase a new computer ,which I had believed him and sent to Dubai United Arab where he was on a contract assignment for environmental construction consulting. Then he asked me for 49,000 to help him pay a fine for opperating machinary that he did not have a license for. I then caught on that this guy was not real and a fake scam artist. He then got angry with me calling me stupid with verbal abuse and a controlling attitude. I hope all you women out there read this and please be cautious and on guard make sure you used video chat on any dating site before meeting someone.
almost scammed
September 28, 2021
I had a man contact me. we talked for 2 weeks. Then 3rd week asked me to buy him a gift card. the pain in my gut just wouldn't stop. Telling Me,Scam,Scam,Scam. So I blocked him from my site.
October 05, 2021
Has anyone been involved with a Mia Taylor claiming to live in New York? I have photos and everything if anyone want to compare notes.
October 12, 2021
I'm posting for a relative, she met a man online, said he lived in north dakota, and has money,,told her he was retiring, ,but had a job in turkey needed to finish before he retires, now he's in turkey, she has sent him money, says he's gonna come back and marry her, and pay her back,, but that was 4 months ago, then he couldn't make it again cuz was in hospital with heart problems, now can't make it says has covid, he is using name NORBERT MATEO SANTIAGO, and the phone he uses has a prefix from San Antonio texas, pic he is using, he has gray hair, glasses and says is 70 yrs old, pic looks like hes on hisi 50s, plus stop this man from scamming.....
October 19, 2021
Anyone heard of Jimmy Peterson. Lives in Cuba New York. Keeps changing email addresses. Looks like the Author Grant Cardone.
November 09, 2021
FB Dating Gary Sullivan Scharf from Germany lives in Waunakee WI wife is deceased only one daughter attending university in Calf. he’s an engineer working on a oil rig for Exxon Mobil says he needs money and his credit card is not working for getting another required engineer there to fix machine and get him back home for me to meet him at the airport. He’s yet to give me his address or any meaningful information to know who he is if he’s telling me the truth. He is requesting $2,000 I know that I’ll never see another penny if I send it.
November 15, 2021
I have had the same experience..a guy name Matthew Twitchell had contacted me through a online card game app..was a real smooth talker ..said he was a doctor for the polish military and had a son in Texas in a boarding school. He lost his parent 7 years ago and his wife to. Was only 5 days of chatting with this guy he asked me for money to get his son a new hearing aid because the polish government froze all there accounts . Once I had said I wasnt giving him any money he got angry and then asked for 100 dollar google play card..I just stop answering his messages.
November 18, 2021
I recently experienced an online scam from someone claiming to be a pornstar. She wanted to meet but never did meet her. Caught her in so many lies. Could never get a straight answer about her age or birth date. Kept asking for cards and open an acct to deposit money into. Sent cards once but regretted it. Chatted on different platforms from hangouts, whatsapp to telegram. I've since broken off any contact. The stage name I was given was August Taylor but the name this person used was Mary Dillon.
November 22, 2021
Bill Frazier I have two women want money from me and I have been texting them also what can I do to find out more about how to get out of this stuff now.
Don't use your…
January 06, 2022
My guy says he in Yemen helping out with the Hospital said his name is David Chavis has two sons and wife died wants me to send him a ITUNES card where we can talk and text has anyone got him to help you out
Don't use your…
January 06, 2022
My guy says he in Yemen helping out with the Hospital said his name is David Chavis has two sons and wife died wants me to send him a ITUNES card where we can talk and text has anyone got him to help you out
January 08, 2022
Anyone been in communication with a man named Joel Williams? Very handsome, great smile, salt and pepper hair says he is Turkish. Claims to be from Chicago and needs money for his attorney for some legal issues he's going through? Says he is divorced and has a son in New York.
January 09, 2022
Been chatting with someone saying their name is Amber Bradley formerly Tessa Fowler and we've been chattin for 4 years or more always asking for Amazon or Ebay cards for gas, rent, food, ect
January 14, 2022
I have had this several times it's true after a day they love you can't wait to meet then an unexpected trip overseas with pic. Calls there is one now who thinks I believe him yes he asked for a 200. Gift card no I didn't it's sad how they play with your heart then mind. Think if they are engineers they have money if they go out on the barg they don't need gift cards. The co.p they work for a rovided. Wake up don't let them scam you.had onecevn send flowers
January 17, 2022
I was the attempted victim of a romance scammer. He used the name George Charles. He supposedly was from a town not far from me and had sold his home and vehicles prior to going to Newfoundland as an engineer on an oil rig. He sent beautiful songs to me and said the most romantic things. He was professing love within two weeks. The same night he professed his love, he asked for money. No go, honey. Blocked. I saw the episode of Dr. Phil about this and am so glad I did.
January 18, 2022
Hello I been having a hard time with someone that I been talking to for alittle over a month he has losed his job and waiting on unemployment which they are still review his case. Well he has bills that needs to be paid he asked me for money and am not okay with giving any men money that i truly haven't saw. We had plans for him to come over but from what he told me that his baby mommy had to go to the hospital and they admitted her. He told me that his phone will be off but when i called it ring. Now i have notice we dont really text are talk on the phone . I reached out to him letting him know that i see things different between us. My worst fear is been used by any man. Am a single mother of 4 and i do everything for myself and kids. Please give me some good feed back on this situation.
January 19, 2022
Chatting online to a David Jannink, claims lies in LA but currently in Beijing China, after couple weeks he had fell in love, became possessive when mentioned a friend, eventually he said he was ready to sail back to turkey but he had overspent, snd could I send him money, told him had none, after few days, we set him up ( myself & friend ) he was saying how he was unable to eat n sleep, plus the 11 workers with him, I told him my friend had just come into money, 24 hours later his data was running out could I get him iTunes card, refused him as they do nothing, he asked if my friend would help, told him to email her as she would if could, he asked for £3000, she told him nedded passport for his identity which took him 3 days to reply with a fake passport he emailed.. it all escalated the next day when she told him that bank had froze Her account due to his passport being fake.loads of cross words crossed between us, staying he did not like third party people etc etc I should not have involved a friend ax it was wrong even though he emailed here things were said but we knew now he was a scammer which is what we intended, I carried on talking to him to reel him in and get details, I have reported to whistle blowers twice but no comeback, I have all 3 of his wassap accounts plus hangouts , he obviously though I was a easy target , any one now where I can report him to get action also have phone numbers for him ,
January 19, 2022
I am an older woman, and get "friend" requests all the time from "handsome men", in the military or on an oil rig, anywhere outside USA. Here is a quick tip. Go read the profile, look at the pictures and list of friends. They will usually post pictures of themselves with a pet or child, 1 picture to give you an idea they are wealthy, and 1 picture to see them in work uniform. Next go to interests and check-in. That is where they mess up. If they were from US, they would post a sports team and type of sports(NFL-football but not soccer or NBA basketball), usually where they live or have lived, they will mention movies, music and current events common in the US. Not sure? Ask for the weather where they are from(say from Midwest in winter). These guys are usually from countries with only warm weather so might not be able to discuss the weather patterns in US states where they "lived before".
love lossed
January 20, 2022
I have had several experiences. The one that hurts the most was the using of a child. I eventually realized that it was the man pretending to be the child but it really showed how insane these people are. Or how they will call you and think you don't realize they do not sound like the celebrity they claim to be.
January 22, 2022
Anyone been scammed by Richard Dylan from Denmark he works for Maersk lives in LA but from Denmark a daughter named Jessica who is 8. Neck tattoo is dead giveaway for him.Ex wife US citizen not in picture drug addict. Currently on a job in the North Sea. Started out asking for a Steam Card which I sent. I have pictures. I did talk to him on video same guy in pictures. I even have a picture of him and his daughter Jessica.
January 24, 2022
Hi I was talking to a man called Richard Parker in Syria I blocked him he eventually ask me to send a top up card for 800 pounds .I’m now talking to someone who was on Facebook his name is Adam colloney he says he works in Mexico that was ok but now he’s asking for 100 pound to top up his phone I a widow but thankfully I’m not a push over has anyone heard of these men .
January 28, 2022
Anyone know Larry Lambert? Claims he has a house in NY, but works in Turkey off the oil rig. Have pictures of what we sent me. Claims he can’t do FT, always talked on the phone. His wife died in a car accident. His daughter is in NY with the nanny. I’ve fell in love, but I don’t know if this is real.