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A menudo, los estafadores se hacen pasar por personas que trabajan para el gobierno y que podrían fingir que están ofreciendo ayuda. Pero en realidad, están detrás de tu dinero o información personal. La FTC desea que en este Mes del Orgullo LGBTQ+ la comunidad se entere de qué son las estafas de impostores del gobierno y cómo evitarlas.

Los impostores que simulan trabajar para el gobierno pueden llamarte para “verificar tu número de Seguro Social”, o decirte que, debido a una confusión, te “suspendieron” tu número de Seguro Social o tus beneficios de Medicare. Los estafadores pueden decir que tus declaraciones de impuestos deben hacerse de otra manera debido a un cambio de nombre y que necesitan tu número de Seguro Social para resolver el asunto. Para las personas que se han casado recientemente, o para una persona trans que recientemente cambió su nombre, las excusas de los estafadores podrían tener sentido. Pero pisa el freno en el acto. Son estafadores que sólo están a la pesca de tu información personal que pueden usar para robarte tu identidad o quitarte dinero.

¿Cómo se detectan y frenan estas estafas? Esto es lo que hay que saber:

  • Los estafadores llaman por teléfono, envían emails o mensajes de texto para apropiarse de tu dinero o información. Pero el gobierno no hace esto. Todo aquel que te llame o te envíe emails o mensajes de texto para pedirte dinero o información personal y que diga que trabaja para el gobierno es un estafador. Cuelga el teléfono y no respondas los mensajes.
  • Los estafadores te dicen cómo pagar, por lo general con una transferencia de dinero, criptomonedas o una tarjeta de regalo. Nadie que actúe legítimamente te dirá que le pagues de una de estas maneras, nunca jamás. Si te llaman cuelga el teléfono. Si te enviaron un email, mensaje de texto o mensaje directo, no hagas clic en ningún enlace. Es una estafa.
  • Aunque tu identificador de llamadas te indique que es una llamada del gobierno, podría ser una estafa. Los datos de los identificadores de llamadas se pueden falsear. Aunque aparezca el número de teléfono real de la agencia del gobierno, o incluso si en la pantalla dice algo como “Social Security Administration”, podría ser cualquier persona que te está llamando desde cualquier parte del mundo. No te lo creas.

Si detectas una estafa de impostores del gobierno, cuéntaselo a la FTC en

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Be careful@,Gm…
June 10, 2021
Somebody just called me from the Government said they was from VES (veterans evaluation service) saying they need to go over my C&P exam. They said they didn't know which one, when i asked them which one. I called them today, but didn't get no answer etc etc.. l thought it was strange.
June 09, 2021
We have had the "Census Bureau" come to our house 3 times in 5 yrs-we are 70ish & not the typical in our neighborhood; don't know why they pick us, why not a young couple with kids which is most of our neighborhood. We got a letter 3 weeks ago saying they were "calling us" on June 5th at 5:30 PM and they did. I begged my husband not to give info out over the phone but he trusts everyone. I told him it could be anybody in this world. I don't answer the door to strangers or give out info on the phone-EVER.
August 16, 2021

En respuesta a por Wish

I wad contacted Buy a man said I had got a goverment grant that I would not have to pay Back. He told me to go to Diferent stores and get cards and put money on them he got me for 2700 hundred Dollars going to 6 or 7 store
Demetrius Clinton
August 18, 2021

En respuesta a por Kilgoret1000

They got me for 5000. I'm dealing with this right now and it's quite sad actually. Smh
June 09, 2021
During the day, when I'm not expecting anybody to call me. I look at the ph: number first. Before I answer it, & if it doesn't look right to me. I've just let it ring, or open it up. And close it, without saying anything. Because I've been getting a lot of unwanted calls since I've had my Cell Phone. Thanks for letting me know about this.
June 10, 2021
I have been getting phone calls daily from someone claiming to be from the government calling to help me understand the Medicare process. I absolutely know they do not call unsolicited! They have my name, then tried to get me to verify or correct them on a date of birth. Unfortunately I’m dealing with some things where I have to answer in case it is a real call, so that’s how it came to be that I even spoke to them. It’s been the same lady every time with different numbers showing on caller ID. I block each one and report to FCC.
Three Dogs
June 14, 2021
My husband got an email telling him to call this number: 510-970-1294 Of course he did. Gave out his parents’ names. Said he then called SSA and they verified the guy as legit. I don’t believe him. Anybody else?
Ruth Ann
June 12, 2021
Health call from CareHarmony trying to say I signed up and I did not. Wanted to do a health check on me. I was suspicious of this so terminated the call. They knew my Doctor's name . Is this a spam?
Jude in 845
June 13, 2021
We have been getting daily calls from scammers on our land line, almost don't answer at all. A blanket attack about a month ago to area code 845 was reported on our Neighborhood ListServ. Latest one's caller ID read "NY COURTS." Many calls from Kerhonkson, NY, Camellia NY, Bronx NY. Also a hilarious call from "The Amazon and Apple Department" saying our accounts were in trouble and our computers likely to burn out. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE FEDs' "DO NOT CALL" registry? Need it more than ever!!
June 15, 2021
I just received the following text - the link is a google doc form to fill out. I’m assuming this is a scam, yes? “You have qualified for IRS American Rescue Act 2021 additional $1,400. Claim Here: // /PwW0g505Yj”
Not really nor…
July 25, 2021
I called a number gave name n they said I won some $$$$$ but I had to at n fee sound fiction to smh if you’re legit why do I have to pay a fee ?????