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¿Estás buscando comenzar una nueva relación? Para algunas personas, eso puede significar el propósito de conocer un nuevo enamorado en internet. A buen entendedor, pocas palabras: es mejor dejarse llevar por la cabeza que por el corazón.

Millones de estadounidenses usan sitios web de citas, sitios de redes sociales y salas de chateo para conocer gente. Y muchos llegan a forjar relaciones exitosas. Pero los estafadores también usan estos sitios para conocer a sus posibles víctimas. Crean perfiles falsos para establecer relaciones en internet, y con el tiempo, convencen a la gente para que les envíen dinero en nombre del amor.

La Comisión Federal de Comercio (FTC, por su sigla en inglés) recibe miles de reportes por año sobre estafadores "románticos" que crean relaciones falsas en línea con el único propósito de robarles dinero a sus víctimas.

Lamentablemente, es casi seguro que un enamorado virtual que pide dinero sea un estafador oportunista.

En la nueva infografía de la FTC, desarrollada junto con la American Bankers Association Foundation, se listan los signos más comunes de las estafas de citas en internet y qué es lo que tienes que hacer si alguien que conoces en internet te pide dinero.

A continuación, te ofrecemos algunas recomendaciones para que identifiques las diferencias entre un romance verdadero y un estafador que anda a la pesca de una víctima.

Por favor, comparte esta información con otras personas. Es posible que a las víctimas les dé vergüenza hablar sobre sus experiencias, pero tú puedes ayudar. Una simple llamada, email o mensaje de texto para decir “Mira lo que acabo de encontrar” y compartir esta información puede marcar una diferencia en la vida de otra persona.

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October 27, 2019

En respuesta a por Charlie

This sounds like someone I met on my FB page. Same Mo...Orthopedic surgeon working with Doctors without Borders. He had a 14 yr old son who's wife died of breast cancer . Little did he know my ex was an MD. This scammers name was Jones Peter...his syntax wasn't that of a post doc. If confronted he would act like a child. He professed his love and wanted me to be the mother of his " kid"...when I confronted him on anything I felt was bizarre he would change the subject. One of the most bizarre and interesting as as a case study for what these cyber predators will do.
February 29, 2020

En respuesta a por Jk

Did he send you any pictures. It sounds like the one who is trying to get me to send money to him. Hes going by Jones Peterson. He claims his children were killed in a car accident and his wife blamed him so she divorced him. He also said he was an Orthopedic surgeon and works for the United nations.
Early bird cat…
July 08, 2020

En respuesta a por Jk

Sounds like the guy who just ask me to send him an amazon card with £500 orthopaedic surgeon james philip call him doc currently working in Damascus pic of him at some ski resort then one in green scrubs writes alot of poetry gramner fine until he sends normal message. Met on scrabble hes from America 14 year old son called Peter late wife from Nigeria but died 4 years in car accident
April 14, 2020

En respuesta a por Charlie

Oh my God. I think it's the same story this scammer told only that his name was Frank with a boy named James.
August 09, 2020

En respuesta a por Julia

Does/Did Frank have a last name? Sounds like the story someone is feeding my mother. She is in deep. Brainwashed by this monster. Ready to end a 46 year marriage for this fake man.
Scammed and scared
August 24, 2019

En respuesta a por Lori

A guy contacted me through Instagram and after a few days asked me for a Apple gift card. Now i know this was sketchy but now I’m retired because i was so dumb, he said he knew someone i know and i gave him my bank login and he paid my credit card and now he is asking me to buy giftcards. But he has my info!
October 03, 2019

En respuesta a por Scammed and scared

Change your bank account log in password NOW!
April 30, 2019

En respuesta a por April 48

I may be talking to the same guy... German .. no German accent ... 13 year old daughter lives with nanny...needs money for school supplies ...been talking for 5 months... I’ve sent money...and it’s never enough... Do you have any pics we could compare?
May 08, 2019

En respuesta a por April 48

Alex Bragg- Words with Friends, then Hangouts. "Lovely wife died in a plane crash" son named Kelvin, 11. Words profile says from UK. Told me from Mexico but works in CA. LA specifically. Asked for iTunes card today to add more internet to phone and got really mad when I never answered back other than, "I Can't". Uninstalled Hangouts!
April 14, 2021

En respuesta a por TooGoodToBeTrue

Alex had added me also never asked me send anything but was sending a package I needed to pay for. Said he was in the military.
August 22, 2019

En respuesta a por April 48

Yes I met this guy on words with friends he said he had a granddaughter and would I be his granddaughter’s grandma and professed his love immediately for me then kept hinting that his granddaughter’s birthday was coming when I offered to get something for his granddaughter he said why don’t you just send me an Amazon card and scratch off the number snap me a picture of it and of the receipt. That’s when I blocked him.He said his wife died and didn’t wanna talk about it that she died 17 years ago. He had such an ax and I can barely understand him on the phone. Very weird
July 10, 2020

En respuesta a por April 48

Is it possible to share photos of these men that are perpetrating these scams? That would make it so much easier. Please let me know. I’ve also been contacted by someone on an oil rig near Ireland, widowed 5 years ago and has a daughter. Met on Words with Friends. He’s asked me for an ITunes card for his birthday. Which I’m not going to get. Conversations have been quite graphic and has sent photos. Please share photos - there should be a website to share photos of all these scammers.
Big D
July 15, 2020

En respuesta a por Duped

Did you ever get a picture? Or can you describe him please
March 16, 2019

En respuesta a por Susanacuff50

I was just talking to this same man claimed his name is Leslie Harmon. Told me he had post paid for cell phones for us and later was asking me for my cell phone information. That sent up a red flag. So I started to investigate him. Sent me a fake license.
Pooch123on't u…
April 16, 2020

En respuesta a por Susanacuff50

Ive been talking to Delvin Woody from North Carolina wife died in accident single parent two kids. Money frozen by bank asked for $3000 to pay taxes and get money. Sent me a copy of his bank statements as proof. Madly in love with me wants to travel to see me. Twice hes asked me for money. Ive refused him said I dont have spare cash to give to anyone.
February 17, 2019

En respuesta a por Tessa

Just wondering, was his Instagram name kurt.mcmahon? He’s been messaging me and I’m worried because my story is matching up. Please someone let me know
Love Desires BEWARE
March 23, 2019

En respuesta a por Kasey

OMG same story here I met a guy online that obviously copy pastes that he is a great man has 12 yo daughter asks me for a Steam card no specific amount for his daughter I tell him no happening he tells me how sad she is actually has the audacity to send me a photo of $160 in Steam cards says he bought it for her the receipt was from 04/2018. Ohh I could go on what a scammer. BEWARE
February 18, 2019

En respuesta a por Tessa

Is his Instagram name ‘kurt.mcmahon’ by any chance? Please let me know, I’m talking to this person and his story sounds incredibly similar to your Kurt
February 23, 2019

En respuesta a por Kasey

Kasey this ‘Kurt.mcmahon’ on Instagram is fake and fraudulently impersonating an innocent Italian man with a different name. Check his image on google in ‘reverse image search’. I’ve confronted him and he blocked me. And this was just a couple days ago. Luckily I never sent him anything.
June 05, 2019

En respuesta a por Kasey

Yes this “kurt” has contact me and I don’t trust anything. He’s an online trader with a recently deceased wife and a son. Lives in California. Added me on Instagram.
June 10, 2019

En respuesta a por Lisa

I just blocked that Kurt guy he claim. To have a son Joshua mother died.. Just knew from the beginning his a scarm
Almost scammed44
April 12, 2019

En respuesta a por Tessa

Just went through a scam artist in Instagram. This guy name is Kyle price. His pictures are him and his two daughters. He is In the military. Told me this exotic job he was doing in Texas. Talked for a day in Instagram. Then we moved in to hangouts. I was very flattered by the words he was texting me. He told me He loved me. He told me He wanted to marry me and have a little boy for him.He even sent me pictures of himself his mom....etc. So he did gained my trust. The red flags for me was when he asked me for my Sprint account so he could get a phone for his mother and his brother. I told him I couldn't be made me feel guilty. He tells me not to worry about it. Then we we're texting each other one night and told me He was said and pissed off over a letter he received in the mail from his bank officer. I didn't ask him about it but that next morning he sure did call me out for not asking about it. So I told him that I don't involved myself in other people financial business. So I went on ahead and asked him what was wrong. He tells me that his someone was trying to send him a check to his bank account but it didn't clear. He then proceeded to ask me to give him my banking information so the check can be available to him. I asked him to give me his information first before I made a decision to do that for him. Again he made me feel guilty. The last thing I told him was i may be vulnerable but I am not a stupid woman. I told him he can't hustle a hustler and I erased all forms of contact from him and went as far as disabling my Instagram account. I am glad I read your story. And I have read many stories similar to mine. I guess that was my karma because I am married. I guess I was trying to find a little excitement. I found it all right. I think I was just smart enough not to give him my information.
October 20, 2018

En respuesta a por Betta

I finally caught this person Catherine hannisick she or he was a scammer i should of know better this person was taking pictures from facebook and instagram somehow got into her private account im so mad that i fell for this all the signs were there but i was feeling alone and she was nice in the beginning but now i know i tried the plenty of fish app it’s garbage also u have same scammers trying to lure u into hangouts saying the same stories about being in the army or some sad story im still thinking about reporting this i have all our conversation and pictures saved on my computer even when I tried to stop talking she would say she try to hurt herself which of course was all bs what bothers me the most is that these are heartless people just after people money
November 24, 2019

En respuesta a por Betta

I met Kime Goltz on claiming to be mercenary E-6 army worker in Syria.on a mission.Said she was adopted, parents dead, and no relatives.After 1 day she moved chat to hangouts .Claimed divorced and from Ca. Adopted from Germany and from Ft.Worth.After 3 days.she was.claiming to love me and need honest man like me .Had pretty pictures sent to me but not live.5Th day.she said.she needed a laptop to communicate better with me.Wanted apple only no tablet or phone.Thats when it struck me that it was a scam.I never sent it because it did not sound normal.She said she needed.a diplomat to and when i get.laptop she give me address.After turning her down she became defensive so I blocked her.Good riddance to low life piece of trash .
December 23, 2019

En respuesta a por Betta

Betta, it is 2019 and I got a friend request through Facebook from this very handsome man talking about he was looking for a wife, 1st thing I wasn't on the dating site in the first place so what made him message ME, Facebook does need to do something about THAT. This man has professed all kinds of love, marriage, be with me forever and ever and never seen me a day in his life. I know I'm REAL, but I'm NOT a fool. It's just a sin and a shame that people can STOOP so low to finagle a person's money out their hands instead of going to work and making their own dam money. How would they like if a SNAKE just slithered into the home and lied everything out of the house. Ladies, I know its like a needle in a haystack waiting for a GOOD man but in the meantime, take care of OURSELVES until someone comes along and says HEY, let me help you. Sad shame this world has become that WE even PREY upon each other, that's barbaric and savage, not love whatsoever. Ladies and Gents it is NOT worth the damage left from an EVIL soul because anyone that sits up and plots on HOW he can harm someone is EVIL nature. Be careful, I didn't lose money but I did lose valuable time!!!!
Nurse Ethel
August 07, 2020

En respuesta a por Betta

Yes this is definitely a scam. You can report them to Facebook and they will take their profile down. Unfortunaty, they can just create another profile or pop up on another social media or dating site.
March 07, 2021

En respuesta a por Betta

I'm talking to a girl now, calls herself jasmine hughes, in New York, same thing Facebook , then hangouts, all good for 2 days, says her parents and brother died in an accident, living with her grandmother, then says she has an eviction notice, needs 850 dollars, I've given an excuse about my bankcard, and she's proffered her love for me pretty quick,anyone else know the name? She also says she's 30 but looks more like 28
Clifton 12345
December 04, 2018

En respuesta a por Hec

Anyone who knows this Sandra2017 she's very good at convincing you she is real.
December 10, 2018

En respuesta a por Clifton 12345

Where is this Sandra supposed to be located right now?
January 12, 2019

En respuesta a por Clifton 12345

Hey Clifton was her name sandra ham?
June 24, 2019

En respuesta a por Clifton 12345

Is her name Sandra Wheeler or something
September 03, 2018

En respuesta a por kwally50

Mathew MacCleary was scamming both you and me simultaneously. Your name isn't Alana is it because he once called me that by mistake. Australian citizen, deceased wife Laura, Pentecostal, grew up in Brazil ..sound familiar?
October 19, 2018

En respuesta a por Scammedbymaccleary

The name is mine! His name and information is completely different, but could be the same guy. I've been corresponding with him since early August--off and on--but have been suspicious. He tried asking me for an I-tunes card once. I refused. Pretty much the same M.O., but with different facts--his name is Mark Destenay, from Berlin, Germany, working on a rig in Gulf of Mexico. I have not given him ANY money, but it's come up several times, in a very general way. He talked about wanting to deposit money into MY account--which sent up red flags because I thought if he actually asked me, he'd want my account information. We used phone, texting, and Hangouts! STAY CLEAR!!!
October 22, 2018

En respuesta a por aj2349

I'm usually pretty good on judging ppl. But I got scammed to. He has my Address... I don't know what to do... Please help
October 28, 2018

En respuesta a por Joyce

Hi, my “suitor” knows my address also and where i work. Has anyone given you a response. My guy is good. He is an off shore oil driller. Knows all the lingo and parts of the job. Was in LA but now in Malaysia. Plans to marry me , Only after a few weeks . Only child, parents dead, told me he was 50, now it is 53. Has a daughter. Ex wife cheated on him with best friend- thats my true story Best part. “His” photos were stolen from Instagram, so when i did a reverse search... yeah well . The photos are 10 years old. And on multiple scammer warning sights. Now his camera is “broke” cant send any photos. Is a independent contractor. Got me off dating site first day. Very attentive. Calls me at certain times of day, pretty much same everyday. Says born and raised in la and Sweden. But no vital statistics records found. Is there anyone out there with similar story?
October 31, 2018

En respuesta a por Tickedoff

Exactly the same story, made me feel guilty for refusing to buy iTunes cards, wife died, son, lives in LA, flew to Malaysia, sent pics of the gold he was buying! Declared undying love for me, going to whisk me away.... These people must think us women are stupid & desperate! ... I'm glad I've read all these stories , I don't feel on my own with these feelings now,
November 08, 2018

En respuesta a por BTC

It happened to me too...said his wife died in childbirth and the baby died too! Said he was a doctor working in Gaza but from Miami. Pictures were gorgeous! Then he said he needed $7,500 for a Bitcoin Deal! That’s when I used the reverse image app ...put his picture in and found out he had stolen a Doctor in Berlin’s photos and used a fake name! I busted him and he swore at me! I reported him and contacted the real doctor in Berlin to warn him what was happening! DO NOT TRUST ANY man online who appears to be “too good to be true”!!!
Quite Awake Now!
November 20, 2018

En respuesta a por d-flawless

Hi. I suspect foul play with a guy, very good looking, pastor-like, tall, who went from Dallas, Tx to Malaysia as a supposed contractor. His wife died at childbirth, baby too. Has supposedly a daughter studying in London, England. East European accent, well-read, highly intelligent, sensual. His name is Eiswerth Peter on a profile he had and then erased, on Facebook. After 2 days in Malaysia, he was "mugged" and robbed of all his belongings, passport, credit cards, the works. He is insisting because of our "LOVE" I'd have to help him, send money again after I already sent it... He said I am his wife on the second chat.
July 10, 2020

En respuesta a por d-flawless

I think he is the one who contacted me. Exact same story except he said he was an oil rig engineer. Got very angry when I told him I would not lend him any money and he became very abusive by text messages after being such a wonderful, dream man online.
January 09, 2019

En respuesta a por BTC

I have experienced the same story... Divorced, have 3 kids, wife betrayed him with his best friend etc... except he went to Dubia in 2017 and is back home supposedly now. Did this person ask for I-tunes so he could call his company back in the States?
Feeling betrayed
July 16, 2019

En respuesta a por Cheryl

Does anyone recognize these names as scammers? Delmond Carabajal, Michael Williams and Bryan Fletcher!
Fooled4three monthsk
August 08, 2019

En respuesta a por Feeling betrayed

Yes micheal williams he's a scammer!
Don't usfool M…
August 10, 2019

En respuesta a por Fooled4three monthsk

Michael williams is a scammer. He got me a few years ago.
January 17, 2020

En respuesta a por Scammed

Would love to see Dr Michael williams photos. Yes been scammed by him. Wants 5,000 for vacation to come and spend time with me. Wants to marry me. Says he is from US but in a Syria with the UN. Not stupid..... no money sent.
still smiling
March 15, 2020

En respuesta a por Wantrevenge

Micheal williams gave me the same story. Called me all the time. But could never show his face or any identity. Wanted the. Same 5,000 for vacation. A surgeon in the un and need vacation money. I say not stupid. I hope no one ever sends any money to this scammers. Sent a poem copied from google every morning . Give him credit for one thing he took it awhile before he asked for money. But yes we were going to live happily Everafter. Not in his home that he has here with a basketball court, swimming pool, 5 br and br. But a diff house. Duh. Then he also had a vacation home on the ocean here. But I needed to send him money.
Almost suckered
May 06, 2020

En respuesta a por Wantrevenge

My guy is Dr. Richard Bryan. On a short term contract with the UN at a military camp in Yemen. Said he was born in the USA but grew up in Germany. Dual citizenship. Very, very handsome. I thought he was a model. He messaged me. Said he was just looking for a good woman to love. No matter the size or shape or age. His father left him millions. He can't get money unless he is married. His fiance cheated on him with his best friend and stole his money. His 9 year old daughter was ran over by a car and killed. Met him POF and same day asked me to go on WhatsApp. Next day he was falling for me. Third day he said he loved me. He was finishing his contract soon and we would be together. Always telling me how beautiful I am inside and out. He's so in love with me. Said the risk was too high for security to talk on the phone or video chat. Kept sending me pics of him around the world though. Jokingly, I asked him if he needed anything. That's when he asked for iTunes gift card. Needed to trade it for meal tickets and renew his internet subscription. Or how would we communicate??? I told him no. He kept saying that I shouldn't doubt him. I should trust him. We'll be together soon and live in luxury. He also was upset that my nephew, who is in the army, said that meal tickets can be deducted from your pay. He said I shouldn't let third parties get in the way. "Do you believe him or me?" I think we know the answer to that. I ended up blocking him.