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¿Estás buscando comenzar una nueva relación? Para algunas personas, eso puede significar el propósito de conocer un nuevo enamorado en internet. A buen entendedor, pocas palabras: es mejor dejarse llevar por la cabeza que por el corazón.

Millones de estadounidenses usan sitios web de citas, sitios de redes sociales y salas de chateo para conocer gente. Y muchos llegan a forjar relaciones exitosas. Pero los estafadores también usan estos sitios para conocer a sus posibles víctimas. Crean perfiles falsos para establecer relaciones en internet, y con el tiempo, convencen a la gente para que les envíen dinero en nombre del amor.

La Comisión Federal de Comercio (FTC, por su sigla en inglés) recibe miles de reportes por año sobre estafadores "románticos" que crean relaciones falsas en línea con el único propósito de robarles dinero a sus víctimas.

Lamentablemente, es casi seguro que un enamorado virtual que pide dinero sea un estafador oportunista.

En la nueva infografía de la FTC, desarrollada junto con la American Bankers Association Foundation, se listan los signos más comunes de las estafas de citas en internet y qué es lo que tienes que hacer si alguien que conoces en internet te pide dinero.

A continuación, te ofrecemos algunas recomendaciones para que identifiques las diferencias entre un romance verdadero y un estafador que anda a la pesca de una víctima.

Por favor, comparte esta información con otras personas. Es posible que a las víctimas les dé vergüenza hablar sobre sus experiencias, pero tú puedes ayudar. Una simple llamada, email o mensaje de texto para decir “Mira lo que acabo de encontrar” y compartir esta información puede marcar una diferencia en la vida de otra persona.

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Don't use your…
March 24, 2021
The guy came on Facebook and asked to be my friend and I became friends with him on Facebook not trusting him and I blocked him now 3 months later he is already gotten a gift card out of me he said to his daughter to for the teacher to auction it off to pay for her school supplies now he wants some money for a plane ticket 1200 dollars to come see me and live with me for the rest of my life says he loves me he told me from day one day he loves me what should I do he says that you can't video chat cuz you got to see in the Malaysian sea cuz he's out to see in the Malaysian sea and they will get in trouble if they video chat with you cuz it could cause an explosion and I'm crazy about him cuz he says he loves me and I think I love him but I don't know and what should I do is he telling me the truth or is he a scammer he gets real mad and cusses at me if I call him I've got pictures of him
March 25, 2021
His name is Phillip Wright, his daughter’s name is Melissa. He has purchased a home in Harbor Bluffs, Florida, or so I have been told, and the only way that he says that I can meet him is to pass a test proving that I love him is to send $255 using Cash App to his daughters wallet. I have refused to do it. I don’t send any money to someone who I don’t know.
Almost scammed
November 14, 2021

En respuesta a por Stormi

I think this is the same person who goes by the name Philip Murphy. He has a 14y daughter named Jessica who lives in UK with a nanny. He's a widower for 7yrs, an Engineering Geologist working offshore. Credit card expired, needed $500 to upgrade his laptop. I couldn't give that amount, reduced it to $200. Then asked for bitcoin, then iTunes gift card. Told him couldn't give him that as well. Lastly asked to help his daughter to buy foods. When I told him I cannot help him, he threatened me. I have blocked him off.
March 25, 2021
I had one threaten me after I would not give him bitcoin he had his buddies send me text start threaten me . Then he says his phone was hacked that’s why I was getting those threaten texts . He goes by Bradley he’s from Austin Texas he says he’s us military . But he does not say he’s deployed overseas .
March 28, 2021
Tony brown 56 from NY son prince in college get contract on a rig in UK. want money and google play cards. they run into terriost who set it on fire and beat him on two separate nights wants out ASAP wants you to help Alex Jonathan 45 from NC daughter currently in Egypt on military mission good looking muscle tattoos wants you to help him get out of there want money and personal info Noah Cole Benjamin 42 From UK had young daughter Melissa on a rig I forget what country. needs money for medicine and want you to help buy bit coin to help him get out of where he is Think they are all scammers just wanted to see
March 28, 2021
I met this 64 year old man on FB inder the name of Larry Richard. After the introductions he asked me to go to HangOuts. so I did and he came up under the name of Lucas Santos and my I question him on it, he stated that Larry Richard is his FB name. He is a widower and he working offshore in Dublin, Ireland and he lives in Houston, Texas..he expressed his love for me almost immediately and that was almost 2 months ago,now he wants to meet me and states that he don't get paid until the end of the contract and I would have to pay for his trip for him to visit me Did or does anyone else know of this man
Help me out he…
March 29, 2021
Has anyone heard of a Frank Yong? Claims to work on an oil rig and been quarantined for 7 months. Has quickly professed loved and asked for a phone card. Has sent pics and a small video of him on the oil rig. Is he legit or am I am being scammed so I can cut my losses early? I did tell him I would not be sending any money and he said ok
Don’t Fall For It!!
March 31, 2021

En respuesta a por Help me out he…

Stay away from a scammer who calls himself Lycan Scot Stephen!!!! He will steal your Heart and your money....Many stories and lies!!!
March 31, 2021
Met this one around 11/20 and as I’m reading the ones close to this dates they sound very similar This one was on a medical contract In Korea widowed with a nanny taking care of his young son in Cali wanted me to hold on to a package while he got back it soon turned into nothing but money transactions his parents were from Belgium I think it’s the same guy for a couple of these
April 02, 2021
omg thank u ive been speaking to a man for a week thought it too good to be true he has just asked me for money on google play but i would not so i looked up and found this he is going by the name Richard Wellington and same sorry says he is widow 2 kids working om oil rig in ireland
Annie 11
April 03, 2021
Just want to give a heads up that Daniel Bucky41 is now on Hangout so Beware! On oil rig, a real charmer until he starts asking for Bitcoin or Google cards,,,,
Pat 007
April 03, 2021
Just met a girl online says she needs a gift card to get her books online she also says she loves t me what should I do
April 03, 2021
Guy hit me up on instagram and I never reply to random messages from guys but this pandemic had me bored enough to do something like this. Claimed to be in the MARINES and just happened to have to go to Bahrain couple days after messaging me and we started talking on hangouts. He said he was having issues with his bank because he tried accessing while overseas and now he can't access his money. He asked for money and i shut him down immediately. After some weeks he said he was really running out. I should have blocked the first time he asked but I was too taken by his words and not familiar with scammers. I ended up giving $300. Then he asked me to be his next of kin. A big NO. Never give your SSN to anyone. Way too many weeks spent over this scammer and 300 dollars lost. He also knows my address which really scares me and has pictures of me and I don't like that. I don't know if he could scam me somehow with that info he has of me and pictures. Lesson learnt i guess..i know now this is one of the common ways to scam young women.
Annie 11
April 06, 2021
Beware of Oil rigs Engineer who asks for Bitcoin or Google cards always $500. Daniel,,,
Mad woman
April 06, 2021
Don’t be fooled with a pretty face and all lies . Fletcher Bryan with a son and a nanny . Lives in Alabama but stationed in army for 6 months 45 years old orthopedic surgeon who loves me in the second week . Wanted stuff for his son birthday cause his money was not available till he return to states to activate pin code. Called me Daily three times a day and sent poems with flower capture . Said no face time or Vidio calls cause was not allowed . Ask for iTunes or wallet cash cards . Very aggressive when I said no. Called his son my son. Son Anderson went into a coma and he needed 17k for surgery bill. Two months waisted . Nanny even called to talk a s send photos . Voice did not go with picture. Said he was originally from Brazil and college was spent in Alaska. Voice had a heavy accent . Worse part was the night time prayers spoke of god and would pray all the time . I’m so glad I found this info . No money sent .
Scammed again
April 07, 2021
been texting for a couple months with a handsome guy from Facebook Dating "Michael James" lives in DC, from Germany, working in Scotland as a telecommunications engineer. Fell in love with me right away, said all the right things and I fell for him too. Couldn't wait to get back home and be with me. Gave me his number but we have not spoken. Today, asks me for $100 on a Steam gift card cause he's "out of data." I am heartbroken. I know i have been scammed. I really liked this guy, so sad.
Mmmmm Don't us…
April 08, 2021
Richard Marini. Ladies beware of him. Same pitiful story. Engineer working on oil rig.!Fire. Needs money to fix it. He doesn’t exist on any search sites. Do not give him your money!
April 08, 2021
Has anyone had a runin with a woman named Cathie Colen?
April 08, 2021
Stay away from Steve Rupert he claimed is the owner of telecommunications website: Australian- American he claimed. His phone # 617 -706-4472 and it’s weird because if I called he won’t answer. And he claimed he moved from Boston, MA to Minneapolis and went to Alaska for a project and told me his bank was frozen and sent me a picture of his bank and after a month of chatting he asked me to send money for his parents caregiver for $2000 to sent it to Bitcoin ATM and I refused to send and he went crazy. Watch out ladies his a scammer!
April 09, 2021
Has anyone spoken with a person going by the name of Wilfred Greg. He's supposedly working in a shipping job in Turkey. Been professing his love for me, telling me he is a widow. Want to get married after he returns to the states. Then....he asked for $4000 to help get some equipment he need to finish his contract. NOT! Sent pictures. Spoken on google hangouts a couple times. I have pics and a number connected to it. Will share if someone tells me how to do it.
Annie 11
April 11, 2021
Is anyone else texting only with a guy named Daniel Bucky stuck on oil rig though claims to be Millionaire??
Annie 11
April 12, 2021
Well the Request finally came after 3 months of texting he needs $5,000 to get the equipment fixed so he can come home to me!! BEWARE of Daniel Bucky whose on Hangout,,, a real CHARMER!!
April 13, 2021
Ive been talking to a man named james stone he says he is the engineering contractor for aaron oil and gas it started out as a friendship fir about 5 months them it turned romantic he said he had to go on a buisness trip to canada to the oil rig and had to fix it. Then he text me saying he needed an apple card for tutorials to fix a machine then he kept asking for more yesturday james asked me for $8300 in bitcoins. For which i dint have he has 4 Facebook pages and one on linkedin. He has a daughter named sherry and a son named junior james is a very handsome man so its easy to fall for him he always said he had money and forgot the apple cards at home. Wanted to marry me Now he is threatening to go to another woman for the money he has called me rude names told me i was stupid because i posted his fraud on facebook all because i told him no i cant give him anymore money.
April 14, 2021
What out for Johnnell(Jay) Williams sr from Vallejo Ca. He is a scammer who meets women on line ( and scams them out of money
April 14, 2021
Had a guy from Toulouse France asked for money to get his shipment out of customs has a coffee import export company
April 14, 2021
Anyone have an encounter with a guy named Jean Claude Giesseppe from Toulouse France
Starting over
April 16, 2021
Talked to a Peter Nelson from Romania since Dec every single day. Feel as if we’ve known each other all our lives. He took job in Saudi he says and needs money for material shipment expenses. Seems so sincere. I’m in love and want to start over. Has anyone spoke to him???
Hurt but caught on
April 29, 2021

En respuesta a por Starting over

Hi, I have not spoken to your guy. But just wanted to caution careful, I thought I was in love but turn out my guy was a scamner..they start with the same MO, that is, call you everyday, say they love you, text you, send you songs etc. Then they accept a job far away (mine said TURKEY), the equipment broke after few months chatting, asked for money . If you love them you'll help them. I was in denial has I wanted our relationship to be true. When I refused to give money, he asked twice. He ended it. I was hurt but you know something I wish it ended sooner as after that saw the same guy on different sites, different names profiles, locations. All I thought was thank GOD I didn't send money. These guys know what they're doing. I read up alot after the scam. Learned and can pretty much spot them and their MO. ask him a few questions, test the waters. I know you don't want to beleive. You may hear he's stuck there, wants to came home to you. I did a reverse search with pic unbelievable how many profiles. Plz be careful!!! Does Peter Nelson sound Romanian to you?
Catch the scammers
April 28, 2021
Theodore Harry contacted me on Scrabble Go. Said he was widow, wife died of drug abuse 5 years ago and has a 7 year old daughter. Aged 57. Engineer working for Shell. Lived in Australia but spent many years in US. Usual sweet talk. Had video chat which didn't last very long. The chat was with him and daughter. I detected an accent like South African. Then had a job on oil rig in India. After 5 days asked for money as he wouldn't be able to continue communicating without it. I didn't give him any money. Did some digging and reverse photo and discovered he is a prolific scammer using many alias names and fake Facebook accounts. He also uses the names Daniel Bulton Tony Gilbert, Martin Lemanna, Chris Morgan, Bernard Smith, Mark Williams, Russell Thomas James Cameron, Allen Byron, Bjornar Jerry, Moore Victor and Thomas Rawson. He has grey hair, blue eyes and good looking. Please don't get involved. He has been doing this since 2014.
I was A fool
April 29, 2021
I meet a guy 5 mos ago . Went by David Moritz . Was going find when he said he was awarded a contract but because of COVID couldn’t get equipment He was a structural Enugu wee from Germany but working in UK . Because of banking laws couldn’t get equipment would I Buy it and he was coming in a week and give me check. I believed I wired 45.000 to bank in USA . He told Me was sorry but lost money n he was gone.
Brummie Girl
May 04, 2021
Been contacted by a guy named Peter Kufus, living in Chicago but suddenly on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico because I asked to video chat. Sent pictures but not convinced it's him. Spoke on the phone and has an accent which he says is Czech as his mum is from there but his dad was American... started asking for gift cards to pay for phone bill and Internet.. not sent any. Anyone else had similar contact with him?
May 04, 2021
Alex Peterson claims his daughter died at the age of 4 with leukemia and he split from his partner as she was sleeping with his best mate. On a rig in the North Sea. Claims his bank account frozen and needs to have his life savings delivered to me but needs me to transfer £250 for the delivery!!!
John benson
May 05, 2021
Meet a girl on a dating site being text her for a week on hangouts the other day she did ask me for money but has no charge her mind and said she will sort it her should but still won't to be with me can someone please tell me what i shall do
May 12, 2021
Has anyone been scammed by a person impersonating Jim Acosta of CNN? There was a post last year by LG asking as well. This scammer is world class and provides expert documents claiming to be J A.
May 13, 2021
Has anyone talked to a man online who says he’s from Minnesota but is living in Africa right now working for shell oil? I have a sister who’s talking to this man and this is what he told her. He wants her to get a passport so they can meet in Columbia. I’m sure it’s a scam but I don’t have proof. Thought maybe someone else has had dealings with this man. I don’t know his name because we just found out today and she is being very private with information
May 15, 2021
Same has happened.... guy named Robert Archie met on tinder .... very charming , Italian , professing love , extremely handsome guy , widower , 9 year old daughter named Mitchell, left with caregiver whilst he is in Turkey to fulfill a contract, machinery broke down once ... he paid for that ; machinery broke down a second time asked me for 15,000 pounds or whatever I could give to help fix , I told him no , he is still professing his love but now I don’t trust him at all how can if I find out if he’s a fake ?
Don't use your…
May 19, 2021
Can you claim the scammed money you sent to someone Promising you gold for cash if it turns out it’s a scam and you’ve lost your shirt?
May 19, 2021
Is it true that my Army Ranger has to pay $200 for a pass to come back to the USA for 30 days?
May 19, 2021
I have been talking to oil rig engineer for almost 3 months. He hasn't asked for anything. Sends pics whenever I ask..phones. wants to do video chat. but I say not yet. I have fallen hard but would never send $ or accept anything. He is on a rig in Poland and has a 20 yr old daughter. Expresses love daily. Sends songs n poems in the morning. is it possible he is legit? Because he hasn't asked for anything I am confused
May 22, 2021
Some guy calling himself Kennedy Heart claiming to be an architect. Met on dating FB and he immediately removed profile when I asked him to share his with me saying he only set it up to potentially meet someone like me and immediately removed it since he found me, his true love. Talking for over a month. We were supposed to meet and he suddenly has to fly to California because his son has been diagnosed with cancer. He has son in private hospital to get best care. Has to pay in cash but only has sixty thousand, can I send him additional ten. Then he flies to Cyprus/Turkey and damages his laptop, again needing money. In the meanwhile I discover a couple things. He is back on FB and LinkedIn and again on dating profiles continuing to fish. Not only that but the image of his hospitalized son is one he photoshopped from sick kid a couple years ago. Run ladies.
May 23, 2021
Can any one tell me if they been scamed by a richard stewart
May 24, 2021
What is the person you are speaking to is station in Syria currently and is retiring early after 16 years.. having documents sent over to process his return but needs documents signed by fiancé and sent back in order to finish process and receive funds but asks you as his fiancé to sign and write a hand written note stating you are wanting him released after serving? Not necessarily asking me for money in this case but is asking to have his retiring documents signed by significant other to prove indeed you would like them released for whatever reason.. please help!
Juanita SA
May 25, 2021
Peter Larsen so call engineer at Atlantis Deep drilling company in the Mexico gulf want to con me out of 10000 US dollars for his so called contract with Kcadeutag drilling company. He is a liar and I cheat
Mary Lynn
May 25, 2021
Hi. Does anyone know Ben Pratt? Met on Tinder then on to Hangouts. Designs oil rigs, divorced with a 3 year old daughter. Brooklyn, NY. On a project in China but no access to personal finances due to a freeze on accounts because of being hacked. Supposedly from Australia originally, 35 years old.
Silly lady
May 25, 2021
Guy says he works for a Binary Trade Co. Says he’s German and always lived in the states, and is located in Michigan. Came on real strong about how wonderful I was and tried to convince me of what kind of man he was. Said his parents passed when he was very young and he was taken in by a priest who was a friend of the family. Said he was a widower. Finally asked me to send a Google Play Card. I did not do it. His name supposedly is Christian Fred. Did a reverse lookup on his image sent and it came back with nothing.
May 26, 2021
I met this man on Instagram he wooed me and made all these plans then asked me to buy him a cell phone and vitamins and supplements I said no he got upset. His name he goes by is James Goodman says he’s in Syria in a peacekeeping mission with the US military. Ughh
Broken Hearted
May 27, 2021
I have commented earlier and have an update. Supposedly, the person I had spoken with for 6 months was finally coming home and I was to pick him up at a nearby hotel by LAX. The morning of the pick up, I receive a text from him saying his visa had been seized because it was expired for only a week. I get instructions from him to contact an embassy agent at an icloud address. After several emails with this supposed agent, I am told to have this person I had been communicating with, released I needed to supply identification to verify who I am. I c ontacted the embassy in Mexico City, and was told there was no agent by that name and under no circumstances send personal information over an email and was told this is a scam. I was devastated. Well luckily my identity was not stolen and I was safe. These people will go to any lengths. BE CAREFUL and follow all warning signs!!
Paul wong scam
May 27, 2021
Appeared to be high class guy top notch job independent oil contractor with two houses in Canada and UK, private jet and all that savvy stuff. Said to be coming to Norway (Oslo) for a new contract on 3rd June in private jet with his pilot, and suddenly on 23 May his materials could not be stored after shipping to Norway from China, because he didn't pay big enough warehouse. And asked me to transfer a small amount (oh yeah.. Small) 6000 usd to a Norwegian bank account in Oslo. I did some background check, a Facebook of the same name showed someone in Oslo but friendlist only contain people from Nigeria and so. Very fishy. I just cut him off. Claimed to be born in Canada and grew up in UK by uncle, parents dead in auto accident when he was 4. In email mentioned he got a late sister, too. But in wechat didn't mention anything about her when I asked about his late people. If you meet someone online for love interest and never met them in person, never send money regardless reason and must cut them off right away. My time with Paul lasted only one week and I'm happy I didn't waste energy and time much in this nonsense online. He was really skilled and consistent in written English and had western mindset which could make you think he is real deal. Be aware!
Teresade use y…
May 28, 2021
He says he is Jeffery Obrien and is widowed with three young daughters and his mother watches them while he works as a contract engineer. Contacted me through linked in and then started a romance. Had emergency and needed $75000. Also has fake Facebook profile stating he lives in London.