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Se están enviando cheques de reembolso por un valor total aproximado de $153 millones de dólares a más de 109,000 personas que le mandaron dinero a estafadores a través de transferencias efectuadas en Western Union. Los $153 millones de dólares son una parte del dinero que pagó Western Union cuando alcanzó acuerdos resolutorios con la FTC y el Departamento de Justicia y aceptó crear un sólido programa antifraude. En su acuerdo con el Departamento de Justicia, Western Union también admitió la responsabilidad de infracciones penales. 

Los primeros reembolsos se están enviando a las personas que firmaron y remitieron un formulario de reclamo pre-completado y que aceptaron el monto en dólares establecido en el formulario. El administrador de los reembolsos, Gilardi & Co., está verificando los reclamos que necesiten información adicional. Otras personas que presentaron reclamos obtendrán reembolsos más adelante durante este mismo año.

Los cheques de reembolso provendrán de “United States v. The Western Union Company”. Si estás en EE. UU., tienes que cobrar o depositar el cheque dentro de un plazo de 90 días. Si recibes un cheque, pero no estás de acuerdo con el monto, puedes cobrar el cheque y comunicarte con Gilardi & Co. Para más información sobre los reembolsos, comunícate con Gilardi & Co. al 844-319-2124 y visita En Western Union Refunds puedes consultar más información de la FTC sobre estos reembolsos.

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August 16, 2021
I have been dealing with Gilardi & Co. for more than a year. They ask repeatedly for the same information, take months to respond, assure me that a cheque is being issued and then we start all over again. I am seriously concerned that the people I am dealing with are also a scam organization. Does Federal Trade Commission back Gilardi and support their rather sketchy business practices? This is beyond frustrating.
Chezza- Ozzie victim
August 23, 2021

En respuesta a por JUDITH

I had similar thought processes, however I was wrong as today I received a cheque and the accompanying documentation. Nearly 4 years. I won't be celebrating until cheque is cleared and cash in my account. Bendigo Bank was my choice.
August 20, 2021
It’s August 2021, when will I receive payment?
Chezza- Ozzie victim
August 22, 2021
Having read these comments it just reinforces to me that this whole process with Gilardi is a mockery. The same generated responses and those elusive cheques that never seem to arrive and have to be reissued and please be patient. It is all a scam in my opinion.
Chezza- Ozzie victim
August 22, 2021
Looks like I have to eat my words, we are in lockdown in Victoria Australia and neignbour just dropped in my mail, lo and behold it is correspondence from the administrator Gilardi and a cheque for partial remuneration of my claim. Only taken uhmm 4 yrs and I will be resubmitting for the remainder as I have the Western Union documentation- held onto it. Sincerely hope those who have claimed, have been approved and sent to DOJ will get their cheques soon. I will not be celebrating until monies in the bank.
December 02, 2021

En respuesta a por Chezza- Ozzie victim

I am also in Victoria... I thought I would never hear anything of this remission when I submitted my documents in 2018. I recieved my cheque in the mail on the 2nd of September for almost the full amount. The envelope was torn, looked like it had been around the world. The cheque was dated June 2021 and I received it about 4 months later. I went to deposit the next day and it turned out that Westpac no longer accept foreign cheques and neither would any of the big banks from End of October. I couldn't open an account at Commonwealth who were accepting because I had to be a customer for 6 months first. What a drama. I had to request for a 'Wire Transfer' which I finally got details for end of October. It has been 5 weeks and I haven't received the transfer yet. I have been in constant communication with the Western Union remission line (I call the US and speak directly). Just this week I was told it is still being procesed - takes at least 30 days? Just wondering if you had issues banking the cheque?
September 07, 2021
What’s going on with this refund? Been waiting five years
Chezza- Ozzie victim
September 09, 2021

En respuesta a por Larry

I resorted to emailing them every 3-4 weeks, since I saw the initial remissions, requesting an update of my petition. I really think the process with Gilardi is hit 'n' miss as they process your claim then supposedly it goes to DOJ for determination. Once determination it is waiting for another round of remissions before cheques are issued.
September 16, 2021
Yes! This is nuts. Gilardi can never tell me updates on my claim. By the time they get around to mine they’ll prob be tapped out.
September 21, 2021
Western union wont gives up our money back its been since april
Chezza- Ozzie victim
September 27, 2021

En respuesta a por Dustt101

Majority of us have been waiting for YEARS!!
September 26, 2021
So, after all this waiting for years, and questioning the status of the western Union settlement, I get a letter from Gilardi and co. asking for more proof. Western Union cannot provide me any proof, and yet it has not been that long ago I that I was able to obtain paperwork from them. I got it a while back, submitted it, but now they’re saying they cannot help me. Nobody @ Western Union will give me any answers, and I originally was told too I have to submit a fee for them to research the transaction forms. After stupidly submitting three fees at 90 bucks, I was told they cannot help me. Their corporate office in Colorado cannot help me, and they give me the runaround. I have emailed the department of justice on this, and got no response. This is absolutely infuriating! What do we do?? Please help!
King Crawford
December 12, 2021
I never received a settlement check even after agreeing to the amount I was scammed.
December 23, 2021
Filled out and returned forms long before the deadline and still haven't received anything. Who do I need to contact?
January 04, 2022
don't know if anybody else is in the same boat as check was posted on the 30 June 2021,,,, I received it in early August 2021 ( snail mail ),. the check was banked 27 August 2021,,..I was told by my bank ,the clearance time for a international check is 6 -8 weeks,, the mid November 2021,my bank rang me ,to inform me the check had been voided,,,on 27 September 2021..........there was no correspondence from the western union remission,to advise me,,..I received emails time after time after time,from the western union remission,telling me ,my check had not been cashed, ( but it had already been dishonoured ,on 27 September 2021) ,I have been told the reason my check had been cancelled ,( in preparation for my request to have a wire transaction sent to my bank) ,I never,ever requested a wire transaction ,until ,on the 16 November 2021,I was offered the check be resent,or a wire transaction..I chose the wire transaction ,then..where I completed and sent the appropriate submission on request for my bank details. The western union remission officially told me wire transfered,occur on a bi monthly ,basis,,,. There has been a lot of bi monthly,s pass since ,my check was cancelled.......the western union remission ,gillardi and co. ,the DOJ, as a law enforcement ,justice and fairness are going against ,there own instructions to petitioners,,by shifting the goal posts. Outside the USA ,petitioners had until 1 January 2022,to have there checks cleared,it instructions also mention gillardi and co.will not void checks if dates are,passed..,.but to be issued a check on the 30 June 2021 and still have not had any mention of a wire transaction progress ,in this day and age is incredible.....received a surface mail letter from the remission administrator late December 2021," your issued check has not been cashed " I told them time and time again,my check was cancelled on 27 September 2021...for what reason ????? There is a hint of hope on the western union remission ,update posted on 1 December 3021, all claims should be settled ,the first quarter of this year..
January 25, 2022
Just want to thank FTC and Dept. of Justice. I remember clearly the day in 2007 I was screwed by WU. I felt really stupid, but eBay, etc. was still pretty new and I was too trusting. I never thought that the situation would be resolved, so I was really surprised when the refund check arrived in the mail. THANK YOU for not letting this go.
waiting for 4 years
May 16, 2022

what is considered early in the second quarter?

May 16, 2022