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Esta es una de las primeras preguntas que recibimos de la gente: ¿Es esto una estafa? Independientemente de lo que sea “esto”, esta es nuestra mejor respuesta a esa pregunta: ¿Alguien te dijo que solamente puedes pagar con una transferencia de dinero, con una tarjeta de regalo o cargando dinero en una tarjeta que se puede recargar? Si así fue, entonces sí: es una estafa.

Este es un video que, en poco más de un minuto, te muestra algunas de las situaciones que vemos a diario –y lo que debes hacer para enfrentarlas.


Si alguien te dice que debes pagar para reclamar un premio, ayudar a alguien a salir de un problema o arreglar tu problema de impuestos con el (supuesto) IRS: nunca una persona legítima te va a decir que tienes que pagar mediante el envío de transferencias de dinero, tarjetas de iTunes o cargando dinero en una tarjeta MoneyPak, Vanilla Reload o Reloadit.

De modo que: mira este video. Si alguien insiste en que tienes que pagar mediante una de esas formas, informa a la FTC. Porque esa será una estafa que queremos conocer.

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Don't use your…
June 22, 2018
i keep get these call every day and it a scammers i get mad at these caller all day long thanks nancy
June 10, 2018
I have a really weird case to tell: 2-1/2 years ago I tried to sell 2 DELL LAPTOPS for $300 each, I got an offer from someone who answered my ad. However he told me that he a PayPal credit card to pay for it! I wound up paying the several fees because PP INSISTED that in order to take the money out if this person's account to pay by his PP credit card I had to pay theses fees!Also PP INSISTED that I send the LAPTOPS first, and as of today I have paid out the fees to this individual and not one penny has been paid for the LAPTOPS! And amazingly this person has given me every excuse in the book for why he can't pay! First his fiance died, then he list his job, his account was in Nigeria and he had to pay to pay these fees get his money out of it but his name was not on the acvount, cuz he let someone legally take it over, also his two year son dies from some stomach worm virus and countless auto accidents have happened, as of last month his mom and his Uncle who supposedly is a immigration officer are asking for me to buy ITUNES cards, the UNCLE is saying that he authorized putting his nephew in jail but if I don't send the iTunes card info to to the UNCLE to give to the FBI to catch the last person for fraud and robbery, this uncle is going to let the nephew and the other 2 with him out of jail on bail and I won't get my money that the FBI claims that they have to give back to me! Get this the UNCLE is saying that the FBI told him to tell me that they will send a private plane to pick me up to take me to Washington DC to give me the money that is owed to me!
Sean C
July 12, 2018
Scam!!!!! Scam!!!!! Police never ask you to go and get itune cards or any other gift card. No matter had sad or convincing the call sounds 99.9 % of the time its a scam...Police never ask anyone to for money over the phone or gift cards...You will probably be asked for money in a court house but never over the phone.
July 19, 2018
I was a victim of an IRS scam back in March. They made it sound so convincing and the called right after I was done working. They said if I don’t pay them they will have a warrant out for my arrest. My phone accidentally dropped the call during this so they made it look like the police were calling me. Even after paying back the $1000.00 on our credit card my husband and I are struggling to make ends meet. We had just bought our first house that I love dearly. We have only been married a little over a year. We had wanted to start a family soon but this has just set us back. I hate these IRS scammers and the way they do this to hardworking citizens. I hate how I now have this anxiety and depression with all of this. The worst part about all of this is feeling like wanting to be better off taking the pain away.
July 22, 2018
Met Michael Lawrence online. Said he was a Security Consultant under contract to Military in Ohio. Then he went to Ukraine, then Russia and says he is in Amsterdam. Wanted money to purchase diamonds. Said he couldn’t access his acct so I sent 5000 US funds to his agents bank acct in New Hampshire. Yes, I knew better, but did it anyway....three times to a total of ten thousand. Still talk to him. I did keep documents, bank transfers, names, etc. Emails and have phone numbers...beware ladies...he is good...has an accent.
October 19, 2021
A mí me enviaron un mensaje por facebook y por la tarde me escribieron por wassAtpp diciendome un chico que vive en Reino Unido y que se había fijado e mi creo que sacaron información de mi perfil pero el caso es que a los dos días me dijo por mensaje que me quería comprar unas cosas y me las enviaría de aya hacia Perú , yo le dije que no por la tarde me escribe y me dice que ya lo envío y que tenía que pagar el paquete después me enviaron un mensaje de una empresa diciendo que yo tenía que pagar $500 yo le dije que era mucha plata y el me está exigiendo que tengo que pagar la empresa me escribió y me dijo que tenía que pagar lo antes posible para el envío del paquete y me enviaron un número de cuenta , o se que hacer
October 05, 2018
We've run into a recent issue where searching Craiglist for a rental home (by owner) and they ask you to pay your application in gift/iTunes cards. We drove 30 minutes to go see a rental property and as we were driving up they wrote that we could create our own passcode using the lockbox (not true) and pay the application fee in iTunes cards. As soon as my fiance read "pay in iTunes cards" I knew it was fake. The property was for rent but hundreds of dollars more than the post and by a real management company. The post was gone when I went to search for it, sadly. I'm glad I know gift cards are a scam, but I feel awful for people who don't and lose out on their hard earned money.
October 22, 2021
Muy tarde
October 20, 2018
hello there.... I'm here to report... someone claim to be the manager of the bank of America...he want me to pay activation fees to activate my bank account that is local(ex: in Asia)...he want me to pay at least 60-65 USD to his activists here, he claimed....i don't want to pay because i afraid it was a scam....he make me to pay because he want to transfer money from usa to here...he threatened me to report to the FBI because i don't want to send to him the item and he claimed that the money already in my acc....but i check there were not there...he claimed that it is still pending....i need to pay the activation fees then the money can be is true that there is activation fees.....i have called many bank....but they said the receiver don't have to pay anything....its only the sender will be paying the fees but it will be deducted automatically from the amount transfer.
Countryside lady
November 13, 2018
Oh no, am i scammed too?? there's this man who begged me to help him get his retirement fee thru fund transfer and i pity him so i agreed and pay the so called processing fee through bank, is this how it really goes?
February 02, 2019
I'm getting over 100 calls a day from different numbers,they dont identify,but not only that somehow they have managed get my sisters number her girls friends number and my fathers number,around 7am one morning my dad got a call,for me he gave me the number I called,the guy told me I took s 500 dollar loan on Aug 25th of 13,I was incarcerated at the time and idi not even have a bank account where he said I did,I told him its crap,he said I still needed to rectify it or an arrest warrant was gonna issued,I know better but they dont stop called two days same thing,I'm extremely angry,I dont know ehT but somehow my my info has gotten out this is not the only company either OVER 100 calls a day ,I block they call from a different number,they violating so many laws insane,i want to press charges or something that is flat out extortion,they scared the hell out of my sister telling I was gonna go to prison,I really wanna wring therr kneck I'm going to seek legal advice from an attorney to find out my optins,becsuse there costing me money I have to change my number close mmmk y bank accounts I dont knkw what info they have,I'm emotionally drained stressed to the max
April 02, 2019
I have this someone on twitter he asked to help me by sending me money but first I need to make an a payment for them first $100 so to loan the sum that he will send it to me so I was wondering if this is a scam or not please answer me.
May 16, 2019
A dating site advertising free free until it's time to talk to a real date then it's credit card time to make sure ur if age bull.... It's a scam
June 04, 2019
I joined a date site and the person I met said I need meetup id and to by three vanilla cards so the meet up could be done and I've also realised that the persons phone number stated with 0158 this is not a British number
July 19, 2019
I just got scam from a fake Social security customer service. ' with a gift card' It's all (Indian) people the way they talk is similar to scammers. And I don't know how to get my money back it's $430?
Ben Robbed
July 30, 2019
I have fallen a victon. Very painful expensive experience. $2335.00 cashed check. Shop in local stores with cash only. Right a report and send copy of receipt and card. At a later date requested to mail actual card. A lot of energy and time spent on my time. A great old saying holds true. If it sounds to good to be true, it is. Sincerely, Ben Robbed
old timer
July 31, 2019
i have been tried i think of all. now i am 79, years old, last monday i had a friend request from james raymond nicholson, his pictures were of him being in the military, well on tuesday last week, he was so in love with me, and wanted a 300.00 dollar, google play card, i told him i didnt have that kind of money, then he tells me he is a general stationed in klandair, afgnistan, and that all women in the us thought all soldiers were beggars, well i never sent any thing to him, blocked him that didnt work, he came back to me in the generals real name still inisting on this card, again i have been playing along, i know a generalstationed there doesnt have the time to sit and talk to me just about all day off and on, i started checking and found some one which is scamming i dont know where he is by the name is gilbert chisten, is impersonating the general there. i dont know who to report this slim to and hoow to get rid of him
August 27, 2019
I received a voice message from a Steve Clarke a loan Manager for an alleged Finance company. I applied for a loan as all the documents looked legit. They deposited an initial payment of 1,100 to my bank. But before they would transfer me the rest of the 5k they needed me to send back the initial $1,100 via WesternUnion. I became very suspicious, unfortunately, after the transfer. Always go on your gut feelings regardless how desperate you may be for money. Your gut feelings are usually right.
September 12, 2019
Someone apparently used someone else's bank information on their Google pay to send me money, Google and myself found out it wasn't that person account but now Google wants me to pay the money back.... what should I do?
September 13, 2019
How I top or block from my phone some scammer take my load From my phone
September 26, 2019
I was scammed on messenger and they have my name number and address and birthday. Plus they needed a pic of the receipt so they have the last 4 digits of my debit card. Can they use that to charge money on my account or what should I do?
October 06, 2019
Yes sir i am from zanesville ohio this number ask me for i tune cards i stream cards ans amazon cards he took me for 1750 and text me for more his number is 681 404 4976 i think he a scam call himself Trace A please stop him now before someone else get hurt by him
October 24, 2019
When asked to pay by wire transfer I just send message " Can't have gone wireless" they get confused. When they ask again say same. I did for the six times they asked, then emails stopped. iTunes, Google play I tell them I don't play games, steam wallet then, I tell them our store ran out of steam, boiler broke.
March 10, 2020
Should I Trust..
August 26, 2020
So I lost all my WhatsApp Data, and it was highly important things. So someone told me that a guy can help me with this situation. And I added them and greeted them. Then they ask what do I need help with. And I told them my situation. And they said that it will be $200 USD’s to fix the problem and return all my data. Now I asked how is it that I should pay, and they said will talk when I have the money. And it took place to day. So should I trust...
October 20, 2020
hello , there’s this person on Snapchat she’s telling me that I should pay a fee of 10 dollars and she would give me 1,500 and 850 weekly allowance, I told her I didn’t trust it and she said that she swears on god , should I trust or not ?
November 21, 2020
If seller says they are giving away an item you want and there are only 500 and you only pay Shipping charges. That could be a lot of money they could collect.
November 22, 2020
I have unfortunately sent money to a online love interest over a period of 2yrs,she never arrived before this xmas like she said she would to spend the rest of our lives together and no she has stopped emailing me all together, have I been scammed ??
November 23, 2020
Is putting money in a wallet they give you to pay the bank to get there money a scam
December 10, 2020
A giveaway acc on IG sent me a message that I won a giveaway winning prize, so he asked me to send a message on wattsApp or email, then after we've talked, he asked me for my bank card any card that I have and he told me to rush to the near bank And pay a 950 activation fee to get a reference number so that he will send the money immediately the money I I will send will be credited to my credit card, is this one of the way of scammers?
April 29, 2021

En respuesta a por AL

Run away!!!! Run far, far away!!! That is a scam! DO NOT given them your card numbers. DO NOT send them a single cent! I've gotten messages claiming that I've won some prize and to go to some link included with the message. When I see that, I just delete them and never click on any link included. I know that message is old, but for any other readers, I want to post this as a bit of education.
December 27, 2020
Hello I'm investing in and they refuse to release my money. They made me pay 15,000 in release fees. I don't know what to do. I'm so frustrated. Can someone please help me!
Talonganice Bingham
December 30, 2020
Some for U.S custom said my friend sent me a package and it seized and they want a 1000 to release it but they want me to pay by cash app
John taylor
February 18, 2021
I have been scammed by grallypay for 1710 pounds would like to no what u can do about this
May 13, 2021
What if they want the Walmart reloadable visa money card so they can add money to it
July 08, 2021
I want to report about are scammer and send me cheap fake iPhone and suppose to send me electric bike but gave me wrong item second times they are ripped offf
Terry Vanson-Penhale
September 15, 2021
I am trading with tradevision-group with crypto currency and I am trying to make a withdrawal. They are telling me I have to pay tax up front before they will send to my coinberry account and giving me a time limit. How can I tell if it's a scam ? I did look on line and they seem to be a credible company, unless they are a knock off of the real one. thanks